Putin’s ‘Arsenals of Evil’ Can’t Save Him Now


    Money doesn’t buy happiness And it’s not going to purchase an Army or a victory in Ukraine as well. Ask Russian Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia. Vladimir Putin, whose Army has savagely abandoned ammunition and equipment stores located in Kharkiv Oblast, donned civilian clothes, and then swiftly retreated back to Russia in the confronting a Ukrainian offensive. Putin seems to be reduced to his last remaining options, and is forced to turn on one of his ” arsenals of evil,” an expression we invented by the London-based National Security News to describe Russia’s sudden, urgent dependency of Iran as well as North Korea to procure weapons and ammunition.

    In a similar way, in an American version of the “arsenal of evil,” Putin is once more been forced to rely on Wagner Group to draw up resources and produce results in a conflict that will not be known. Generals and conscripts haven’t been able to get the task completed. Putin will depend on criminals and thieves to do what his generals and soldiers aren’t able to do to be successful.

    Information from Intelligence sources the fact that North Korea has sold ” millions of artillery shells and rockets” to Russia shouldn’t come as a surprise. Since”the “special military operation” hit its seventh month, the country’s dependence on artillery has outstripped its ability to replenish supplies and sustain the battle. With stockpiles nearly empty -or, as occurred at Kharkiv and Kharkiv, just abandoned them Putin is forced to transfer the demand for supplies to the “arsenals of evil” because his defense industry, afflicted by corrupt practices and sanctions on the economy is unable to replenish them.

    It’s impossible to overstate the importance that The U.S.-supplied High-Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) has changed the course of the conflict. Its range, mobility, and capability to precisely deliver ordnance over Russian artillery regiments have ruined Russia’s capability to move and to continue its offensive. Along with Ukrainian Special Operations and partisan forces that operate behind Russian front lines to find targets and eliminate Russian ammunition depots Russia’s strengths have become its weaknesses. The Kremlin’s fervent appetite for artillery is being thwarted by the ability of Ukraine to block its vital supply line. Insufficient security in the rear of the area and ineffective air defense systems S-400 have played a significant role in Russia’s downward spiral.

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    Putin as well as his commanders are strong and strength is built on artillery. This is a lesson that they haven’t forgotten, neglected, or enhanced after the Second World War. It’s at the base of Moscow’s military doctrine and it puts them at risk. Putin has to have ammunition in his arsenal, and North Korea has it; however, the process of getting those rounds and rockets to front lines is a different matter. The supply lines aren’t secure -and the soldiers who are on the firing line could be gone before the supply line arrives.

    Who would have believed of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un would have to step in to save of Putin’s troops as it prepares for what could be Russia’s final fight? Then again, Kim recognizes Putin’s manpower woes and has reportedly offered to send more than 100,000 “volunteers” to fight in Ukraine. Tempting. As per the Pentagon, the once-beloved Putin military has suffered between 70 and 80,000 casualties since the war — more than 50. The most effective solution the Kremlin has managed to achieve to date to meet the shortage of manpower is the creation of Russian 3rd Army Corps which is comprised of poorly-trained battalions of volunteers that are forcibly deploying personnel from the breakaway Russian-speaking Ukrainian regions as well as an order that will increase the number of an additional 13,77,000 volunteer or recruits for the Russian Army on Jan. 1st 2023.

    In fact, Putin recognizes that bringing a ” third nation” into the “family feud” risks the escalated threat in U.S. and NATO direct intervention, particularly when the third country is North Korea. There is a common norm, which has been borne out of those proxy conflicts of the Cold War, that one could supply a nation with ammunition, weapons and intelligence, as well as training without a border conflict, even using mercenaries is allowed.

    Join into the Wagner Group, Putin’s ” Dirty Dozen,” or ” Inglorious Bastards,” If you prefer without Lee Marvin and Brad Pitt. Private Military Company (PMC) Wagner is also known as the Wagner Group is currently scouting Russian prisoners (gulags) seeking to recruit infantrymen to fight Ukraine. A recent video that appeared on social media shows the its chief financial officer and the owner of the company, Yevgeny Prigozhin, making his pitch to Russian prisoners, claiming his claim that Russian prisoners have been engaged in conflict from July 1st when they played a key role in securing the Vuhlehirska Thermal Power Plant.

    They were located in St. Petersburg penitentiary colonies IK-7 Yablonevka and IK-6 Obukhovo which offered 200 rubles ($3,155) as well as amnesty for six months of servitude. Prisoners were warned that if they were to be killed the families of their loved ones would be awarded 5 millions rubles ($79,113). The instructions were that they should “protect the motherland” and to “fight Nazis.” The estimated odds of survival were 20 percent. And for those serving a life sentence, that’s not too very good.

    The way Michael Corleone so famously said in the film The Godfather, “Just when I thought I was out … they pull me back in.” Similar to Corleone and this Russian prisoner, lured by money and freedom after having survived the rigors of six months in Ukraine and is not able to escape Wagner Group. Wagner Group. The possibility of death is almost certainly due to the impact of a Ukrainian bullet or at the back of their head if they do not take their time.

    There’s also Iran’s role in the conflict. Putin went to Iran in July, where he met with the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to procure Shahed-136 drones that appear to have problems with quality control. They are the “arsenals of evil,” and appear to be full of bogus claims.

    However many weapons, munitions, and manpower Putin purchases or receives from the regimes he bribes from, he will not be able to overcome his utter inability as a leader during wartime to build confidence in his soldiers and transform the confidence into willpower and momentum in the field. There is no effective response to HIMARS is expected and neither is there a definite answer to the Ukrainian offensive. Putin has only experienced failures in Ukraine.

    It’s just a matter of time before the Russian army is unified in Ukraine or completely is destroyed. No matter if they realize the fact or not Putin as well as the “special military operation” are headed to extinction. It’s time Putin orders all windows shut and locked in the Kremlin.

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