Homelessness in LA…Finally Getting Addressed?


    There’s been a homelessness problem in Los Angeles for years. And it’s been getting worse over the past few years because of the COVID pandemic as well as inflation. Yet, it seems as though none of the liberal politicians have been equipped with what to do about it.

    Is that about to change?

    Congresswoman Karen Bass is currently running for mayor of Los Angeles. And she knows that homelessness is an issue. How could she not? It’s been spilling into the streets for years – and there are simply not enough programs to keep everyone off of the streets.

    Bass chose to invite Marcia Fudge, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development out to the housing sites to see just how bad the problem had gotten.
    Wait…the HUD Secretary wasn’t aware of the homelessness? She hadn’t gone out there to see the problem already? This sounds like another failure of the Biden administration.

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    Still, Fudge made a comment that “This is the epicenter of homelessness, Los Angeles. Any time a nation cannot take care of its most vulnerable people, it has failed.”

    Is she admitting that she’s failed? After all, it is literally in her job description to find affordable homes for Americans. This seems to be a hard slap of reality that she’s been faced with.

    Bass is hoping that Fudge’s visit will make it possible to address some of the city’s challenges. She wants to lean more heavily on the federal government for help – specifically with vouchers so that more of the homeless can find places to live.

    Bass has been one of the top candidates for mayor. She knows that addressing homelessness will be one of the key points to help her to get elected. And she believes that the homelessness is an emergency.

    She’s not wrong. It is an emergency – and with the practically open border policies of the Biden administration, it’s not going to get better until things get addressed properly.

    There are emergencies popping up all over the U.S. because of what’s happening at the borders. Overcrowding in Texas. Crime in Arizona. And homelessness in many of the sanctuary cities – including LA.

    ABC reported that Fudge told reporters that “the federal government will never be able to build all the affordable housing that’s needed.” Great – well, maybe the federal government needs to really think about that – and do something that can help with the crisis.

    The only thing that Fudge discussed that could help is to focus on vouchers as well as removing some of the “unnecessary regulations.”

    Bass is counting on her ability to leverage relationships with the federal government to address homelessness. Unfortunately, it’s clear that she’s overestimated the federal government’s ability to help.

    Governors in Texas and Arizona had hoped to leverage relationships with the federal government to address illegal migration, and we’ve seen how well that has worked out.

    Rick Caruso is the main opponent for Bass. The developer and former Republican has been doing a lot of campaigning. When asked by reporters about his plan for the city in comparison to that of Bass, he pointed out that he, too, has relationships with those in DC. He said that the main thing is that “We need to have somebody who really knows this city.”

    The federal government isn’t stupid. They know about the homelessness in LA. They simply don’t want to help. And that’s where Caruso believes he’s better equipped to deal with the problem. He plans to lead the city rather than hoping and praying for the federal government to come in and help.

    Bass might have ideas, but they aren’t going to help the city. It may be time for her to face facts that the Biden administration is simply ill-equipped at helping her or any city.

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