The U.S Is Sending Financial Aid to Gaza Despite Israel’s Objection…Biden’s Playing With Fire and Someone’s Gonna Get Burned


    Apparently, the U.S. has chosen sides in the war between Israel and Palestine. While an overwhelming number of Americans are die-hard fans of Israel, Biden and his rat pack have gone against the grain by offering financial support to Gaza. They claim the money is only to be used to assist displaced civilians and that it’s to be kept out of the hands of Hamas.

    Smoke and mirrors. Considering how Hamas is the ruling kingpin in Gaza, there is absolutely no means for which to keep the funds out of their militant hands. They will buy more rockets, the newly instated ceasefire will end, and they will kill more Israeli’s. What’s difficult to comprehend is how even those bombed-out citizens left with nothing will support their actions.

    More than 250 civilians, predominantly Palestinian, were killed in the 11-day war, but one look at history will tell you this was only a brief blip between Israel and Palestine. They can do 11 days standing on their heads. Gaza, by far, received the brunt of the destruction in this one.

    It was U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken who helped arrange the current ceasefire agreement after meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But this was all that was arranged. Since the issues lying at the bottom of this war, and all of the others, were not discussed, the Bandaid will inevitably lose its glue only to once again reveal a gaping wound that will never heal.

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    Blinkin said, “We know that to prevent a return to violence, we have to use the space created to address a larger set of underlying issues and challenges. And that begins with tackling the grave humanitarian situation in Gaza and starting to rebuild.”

    He added, “The United States will work to rally international support around that effort while also making our own significant contributions.” Blinken said the U.S. will work with other countries “to ensure that Hamas does not benefit from the reconstruction assistance.”

    This is going to be tricky to achieve. Israel and the U.S. have long ago declared Hamas to be a terrorist organization that refuses to acknowledge Israel’s very existence. Be this as it may, Hamas rules the roost in Gaza and they are widely supported by the people they are fighting for. Blinkin will not be going to Gaza to meet with anyone.

    Even knowing that Gaza is terrorist ruled Blinkin said, “We believe that Palestinians and Israelis equally deserve to live safely and securely, to enjoy equal measures of freedom, opportunity, and democracy, to be treated with dignity.” Democracy? It’ll never happen.

    Biden was hoping against hope to avoid the whole Israel/Palestine thing but the latest war drew him straight into the middle of it. Now that he’s there, as expected, he’s catching flak for his decision to lend Gaza a helping hand. Netanyahu is not a dove. Blinkin’s ideas about peace, freedom, and opportunity, won’t happen on his watch.

    Netanyahu has a two-fold problem. While he’s sorting out this latest mess his political career is struggling. After four sketchy and inclusive election wins over the past two years, he’s under the gun by citizens who are tiring of his antics. The majority of Israelis didn’t want a cease-fire. In their eyes, Hamas needs to be taught a final lesson regardless of the cost. They should have been forced to stop firing rockets by a show of might and power.

    Only to appease his complaining people, Netanyahu promised to destroy Hamas with everything Israel can throw at them should they break the treaty. He said it would be a “powerful response.”

    Netanyahu is all about “building economic growth” in the West Bank but it’s impossible to do until such time as Palestine caves in and recognizes Israel as a “Jewish state.” He said there can be no lasting peace until the Palestinians recognize Israel as a “Jewish state.” But the Palestinians are objectionable to this. They believe it would infringe on the rights of every Palestinian minority living in Israel, and they already have things rough enough.

    To say the latest ceasefire agreement is fragile would be an understatement. More rockets and missiles will be fired, more people will die, and more buildings will be destroyed. They may even be some of the buildings your tax money is being used on to help rebuild. It’s a never-ending cycle and a huge waste of U.S. taxes just to stand the tin ducks upright so they can be shot down again.

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