Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) Braces To Lose House Majority After Midterms


    Senator Chuck Schumer has seen a lot in his time in politics. Now, he is using that experience to predict the upcoming midterm elections for his party. With so many Democrats lacking confidence about the upcoming midterm elections, you must wonder if this could be a negative reinforcement tactic to try and get more Democrat voters to show up at the polls.

    As first reported by Punchbowl News, Schumer explained to colleagues how things would likely turn out if the elections were being held on that day. In his vision of the elections, there was a 60% chance the Democrats held on to the Senate and only a 40% chance of holding the House. This on its own is a bad prediction for them, but his follow-up comments also raise a few eyebrows.

    Since taking office, it has been incredibly clear that President Biden isn’t all there. From the White House officials needing to cover up for him saying the wrong thing about Taiwan to upgrading the role of Kamala Harris from VP to President, he has more missteps than right ones. Now the American people should be questioning Schumer’s sanity.

    During the same event, numerous patrons also reported how Schumer was loudly going off about Nanci Pelosi’s (D-CA) efforts to hold the majority within the lower chamber are now in danger of being wasted and unsuccessful. Nevermind Pelosi’s statements about reelection, she has also been quoted (off the record) that if she lost being at the top, she would just retire. This is the hallmark of a leftist, and not surprising, but Schumer might be losing it if he thinks anyone in their party will effectively challenge her holding her seat.

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    Now, Pelosi has her own delusional beliefs on the subject, too. She believes that not only will she keep her chair, but she believes the Democrats can even widen their tiny majority. Given their recent victories in small special elections that were stronger than anticipated, she has some credence to her feelings. The biggest push came from Alaska, where Mary Peltola was able to take a seat left empty by GOP representative Don Young. This made her the first Native Alaskan member of Congress.

    So far, the generic ballot (a gauge of overall support for the two main parties) has been giving the left a small advantage. Redistricting and other policies have made that nothing more than a tool to discuss over lunch, and not something to take seriously. They also fail to take into account third-party candidates, who have become a much more viable option in the last 10 years than they were in even 2010.

    With President Biden seeing a recent surge in his approval rating to 45%, these midterm elections could also come down to the belief of the American people about him in his job. For those voting based on how Biden is doing, will it be about his big-picture failure so far or all about what he has done for them lately? The substantial improvement in ratings would indicate it is all about what he has done for them lately.

    Biden has been out on the campaign trail a lot lately, and everywhere he goes he is sounding the trumpets for a few legislative success stories, and doing everything he can to try and make the Republicans seem like a bunch of bloodthirsty cultists. This message of the MAGA movement isn’t healthy for his constituents or his party. What he tends to forget is just how many of his voters only voted for him because they were brainwashed into believing he was the best choice. After two years in office, it’s clear that his campaign was based on lies, so many swing voters should be looking to make a change. Hence Schumer’s predictions of doom.

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