Putin Ally Mysteriously Falls to Death from Boat


    There’s a lot happening in Russia right now. And the country is being torn apart between those who support Vladimir Putin and those who want to see him resign. There have been a number of mysterious deaths for those who support the Russian president, and another one has many asking questions.

    Ivan Pechorin was a top Russian executive in the energy sector. And he was picked for his role by Putin and has been a longtime ally.

    Local media reports say that Pechorin fell overboard from his moving boat. His body washed up on shore 100 miles from Vladivostok, a city to the far east in Russia. This was after a two-day search was conducted.

    It is reported that Pechorin fell from his boat on September 10 while it sailed close to Russky Island.

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    Pechorin served as the Aviation Director for Russia’s Far East and Arctic Development Corporation, known as KRDV. His death was described by the local media as an “irreparable loss.”

    KRDV is Putin’s pet project for developing mining resources and rich energy. Particularly with the international sanctions that have been placed on Russia, this is more important than ever.

    Newsweek described Pechorin as the “key man” for Putin.

    Just days before the incident, Pechorin spoke at an economic forum that focused on transportation – and Putin was there giving a keynote.

    If Pechorin was the only one to die this year under mysterious circumstances, no one would think twice of it. However, he’s not. Ravik Maganov, who was the chair of the board of directors for Lukoil, fell from a hospital window to his death.

    People don’t just fall out of hospital windows or fall overboard from their boats.

    And there was also the death of Igor Nosov, a 43-year-old who died of a strike – and who also happened to be the general director of KRDV.

    And there are others. At least eight oligarchs who have some form of connection with the energy industry have died mysteriously this year.

    Lukoil was also found criticizing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    It seems as though anyone who is caught criticizing the invasion of Russia ends up mysteriously dead. Further, anyone who may be close to Putin could find themselves washing up on shore as well.

    The various conspiracy theories are running wild to explain the mysterious deaths. Is there someone in Russia looking to shrink Putin’s power base so that he’s forced to resign? Is Putin ordering the deaths so that he’s faced with less opposition as he continues to bring the country closer to its Cold War days of power?
    Many have said that Putin is not well. And the power moves he’s made in the past year show that he’d love nothing more than to resurrect the USSR – starting with Ukraine. This could be his final power play before he passes due to health concerns – but only if he can get the right people out of his way.

    There’s no telling who could be next. If they are Putin’s power base, it may not be long until Russia’s president has no choice but to resign – and many are calling for his resignation as they don’t agree with the invasion of Ukraine draining so many of the country’s resources.

    Something BIG is happening in Russia. We simply have to wonder if we’ll see Putin resign or if there will be another dead body mysteriously turning up somewhere within the country. Who knows…stay tuned.

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