Kamala Harris and Her Attack on SCOTUS


    Our democracy is most certainly under attack – but it’s not by the Republicans as the White House likes to imply. Instead, it’s being attacked by those who are within the Biden administration.

    We’ve heard Joe Biden attack the Supreme Court. And we’ve even heard Chuck Schumer attack it – and mostly because they don’t believe that Roe v. Wade should have been overturned.

    Now, Kamala Harris is speaking out – and the VP doesn’t seem to care what her attacks imply about the sanctity of the high court or what it could mean for the U.S. moving forward.

    NBC’s Meet the Press talked about VP Harris using “very strong language” regarding the Supreme Court. It seems that the VP wants to make sure that she’s doing everything that she can to help liberals win in the midterms – and that includes labeling SCOTUS as an “activist court.”

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    Maria Hinojosa, an anchor and executive producer of Latino USA called it “refreshing.” She spoke about being a woman and having two abortions when she was a young woman. So, because of her own personal experiences, she sees nothing wrong with the divisive language being used by the Vice President of the United States. Hinojosa goes on to say that Harris accused the court of focusing on activism because it protects women and that, really, the issue is about privacy.

    Hinojosa doesn’t seem to realize that SCOTUS never ruled that abortion can’t happen – only that it cannot and should not be a federal issue. It should fall at the state level. The people should get a say – and that’s exactly what’s happening around the country. Some states are allowing it and others are not.

    Even the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg had made comments about how Roe v. Wade was on loose ground. She knew that it was only a matter of time before the case would crumble.

    David Frum, the senior editor for The Atlantic has said that we’re better off by pulling the issue and bringing it to the voter booths. “The country’s never found a stable resting place.” The midterms will make it easier to see where the country sits on the issue rather than letting the Republican or Democratic politicians tell us what we think.

    And, Frum doesn’t believe that calling SCOTUS an “activist” court is strong language.

    But, isn’t it? This is the VP of the United States. Especially when you hear about Joe Biden talking about unity, how is this supposed to unite us?
    The Supreme Court has and always should be viewed as the final decision. If the Biden administration is going to politicize SCOTUS and question its rulings, we have to be cautious because it absolutely means that our democracy is being attacked.

    Harris claims that “This court took that constitutional right away. And we are suffering as a nation because of it.”

    Where in the constitution does it say that women have the right to an abortion? Where does it say that mothers have the right to terminate life simply because it is growing inside of them?

    The Democrats have weaponized the case of abortion to turn the issue into something it’s not.

    Abortions can still occur. In every state, it is allowed at some point. Many conservative states simply believe that once there’s a heartbeat, it’s no longer just “fetal tissue.” It’s a life that needs to be protected.

    Harris and Biden alike have said that they would support the Senate changing the filibuster rules so that the chamber could pass a federal law that could codify Roe v. Wade. If they did that, they’d pass with a majority vote – but it wouldn’t be a bipartisan vote. And, by doing so, they would completely upend the ruling made by SCOTUS.

    Kamala Harris attacking the Supreme Court is just another way that the country is being torn apart.

    As to what Americans feel about the situation, we’ll have to wait and see what the midterms tell us.

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