Underlying Reason Why Unwarranted Search of Trump’s Home Still Looms in the Shadows


    The Democratic-controlled FBI and Department of Justice are guilty of invading the private home of former President Donald Trump. The unsealed 38-page warrant they got Judge Bruce E. Reinhart to issue was redacted to protect the names of the people and sensitive information from public viewing. But there was enough left to show how desperate the liberals have become with the midterms looming.

    When the former president ran for office, Karl Rove was Donald Trump’s campaign adviser. He was taken aback by how Fox News was trying to question the recently released affidavit with all the redactions. The warrant was used as a cover to allow the Democrats access to his private life.

    Trump’s opposition is hoping to accuse him of willfully trying to violate the Espionage Act. Since the man took office, they have wanted to brand him as a traitor and convict him of treason. It took the Democrats three whole weeks to redact the affidavit and make it accessible for viewing.

    The country wanted to see the affidavit and the information contained within the pages. But the Department of Justice was unwilling to unseal it without redactions. Judge Reinhart even agreed with them that there needed some scrutiny through redactions when released.

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    Fox News ticked off Rove by questioning the truthfulness behind the warrant. The agents involved in the search thought they would find all documents at Trump’s home. They did remove several boxes of paper but have yet to claim whether or not they found what they were looking for.

    The news outlet questioned the validity of the search. Each news anchor believed there were other ways to get Trump to turn over the paperwork they suspected he had in his possession. They could have asked to see what was in his home and check if it had been declassified as Trump had indicated. But the liberals wanted to blow the matter out of proportion to make a spectacle.

    The Daily Beast reported that Bret Baier, Fox News’s chief political anchor stated, “But why also wasn’t there another subpoena, another effort at interaction? Were they seeing a total stiff-arm from the Trump people? That’s not in this document yet, at least, we can’t see it.”

    Rove has turned into a Trump-hating hypocrite who wants to see the man destroyed so he never sets foot in politics again. Rove believes that his former boss had every chance to comply. The Daily Beast reported him as stating, “I would suggest from an untutored angle two things. One is there is a letter, I don’t know who it came from, but one of President Trump’s lawyers comes in June and says you got all the classified material. We don’t have any more classified material here at Mar-a-Lago.”

    The letter Rove refers to is the response that the Democrats did not like. They all believe the man is a liar, even though he has never lied to anyone. They cannot accept the truth that the material at Trump’s home is legal and he is allowed to have them his possession.

    The DOJ and the FBI supposedly had a tip from a source that reported that Trump still had boxes in his home. But the country has realized that not every liberal source can be trusted to be truthful or exist at all.

    The point that the Fox News anchors were trying to make was that there was no reason to invade the private home of the former president. Other avenues should have been explored before jumping into taking drastic actions.

    The Democrats just wanted a reason to set foot into Trump’s home so that they could violate his right to privacy. They are desperate and out of time to find anything they can use to keep the man from running for office in future elections. And nothing that Karl Rove says can be trusted since his personal feeling about Trump are tainted with hate and liberal influence.

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