Poor Border Policies Lead to Dozens of Deaths


    Let’s face it. The border has been a nightmare since Joe Biden took office. Even in the months leading up to his inauguration, he took a stance that left many believing that all they had to do was get across the U.S. border. Then, all would be forgiven. They would be able to be treated as Americans.

    We already know that Kamala Harris has done NOTHING to stop the surge of migrants at the southern border. A weak “don’t come” clearly isn’t working as they’ve been coming in droves – and it’s no longer just those in the countries of the Northern Triangle. They’re coming from everywhere because they know that the Democrats are rolling out the red carpet.

    And some are paying the ultimate price in order to grab ahold of the Democrat promise. They’re dying on their way to the border – and the death toll is adding up to an alarming number.

    That body count needs to rest squarely on Joe Biden’s shoulders. After all, it’s been his relaxed immigration policy that has emboldened the migrants to believe that they should risk it all to get to the border.

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    On the first of September, 13 illegal migrants drowned in the Rio Grande. They thought that if they could just make it, they’d be free. They’d get to live the American dream – even if they didn’t qualify for asylum. And why? Because that’s what the Biden administration has led them to believe.

    And former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo already knows why this is happening. “This is a direct result of Biden’s border policies.”
    Pompeo had tried to curb migration while serving under Trump.

    Meanwhile, there are Democrats who actually want to use the increasing death count as a reason to INCREASE legal immigration. The National Immigration Forum, which is funded by various liberal businesses, tweeted “This heartbreaking tragedy highlights once again the need for Congress to act and pass immigration reforms. Congress must act quickly to pass solutions that bring compassion and security to our border, in the names of human lives and human dignity.”

    Let’s remember that this group is also helping to deliver cheap migrant labor to corporations around the U.S.

    Exactly what is Congress supposed to do? We cannot afford to take care of our own homeless and our own sick. The cost to support millions of migrants would take away even more. The liberals are already complaining that there are equity issues in schools and around the communities. What do they expect if we provide even more immigration reforms?

    We cannot be a revolving door for anyone who wants to enter the country. Virtually every country in the world has some sort of process to deal with immigration. We’re one of the few that simply don’t utilize the laws that we already have in place.

    And the crime that comes from being lax on immigration is visible. Just Google the number of fentanyl deaths that have occurred in 20222 alone.

    Plenty of advocates for immigration are loud about the need for “better” immigration reform. They believe that it is rational to allow the border to be wide open.

    Where are the Democratic politicians in this argument, however? Oh, it seems that they are keeping quiet. They know that the border issues have been destroying the country. It’s unpopular these days to claim that we should allow more migrants – and much of that is because liberal cities in places like NYC and DC are finally starting to see the same level of immigration that Texas and Arizona have been seeing for nearly two years.

    As for the body count, it’s increasing. It’s not all happening in the Rio Grande. Some of the deaths happen along the long road from Central America to the U.S.-Mexico border.

    You won’t hear Biden or Harris saying or doing anything to stop the constant push for migration, though. And they wonder why their approval rating is in the toilet.

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