Voter Fraud Participants Find Out What Their Dastardly Deed Cost Them


    The 2020 presidential election was a time when massive voter fraud occurred. The Democrats fought hard to get places where they could drop ballots without showing identification. The COVID-19 pandemic gave them the perfect cover and reason to request drop-off locations.

    It didn’t take Republicans long to see the fraud that the Democrats got away with in 2020. New laws were passed throughout the country to keep it from happening again.

    Republican Governor Ron DeSantis was one leader who took the initiative and set up and signed a law that created a law enforcement agency tasked with monitoring elections. Since the unit’s creation, 20 people have been charged with voter fraud they committed during the 2020 presidential election.

    The individuals charged and convicted of fraud should have never been allowed to vote in the first place. They all had felony convictions related to murder, sexual assault, and other heinous crimes.

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    Ron DeSantis stated that “They did not go through any process. They did not get their rights restored and yet they went ahead and voted anyway. That is against the law and now they’re going to pay the price for it.”

    The price for committing crimes is terrible. And those 20 people that wanted to voice their opinion during the previous election thought they could vote. But they found out fast that attempting to vote would only add to their criminal record.

    A process must be followed before a felon can have their voting rights restored. But those who commit murder or sexual crimes are not eligible to have their rights restored. When they committed their crimes, they gave up more than a few freedoms. They gave up their right to voice their take on how the country should be run.

    The convicted and fraudulent voters all claim that they were told that they could vote. Some claim that officials told them they could cast their votes. And now, they want amnesty.

    Any person caught committing election fraud can face five years behind bars. And those that were caught trying to vote are thought to lie to government officials knowingly. The prosecutors will have to prove that the people willingly lied to officials before they can be found guilty.

    The laws were adopted because the liberals tried to fraud the system to get their people into office. The Democrats do not care about the people they hurt along the way as long as they get all the power they seek.

    Each one of the convicts claimed that they were told that they could vote. Several of them even applied to have their rights restored.

    Douglas Oliver is one of those facing five years in prison for committing voter fraud. He claims that he was pushed to register to vote. He even claimed that the official was pushing him to register and told him he could vote with his sexual offense. But in the end, Oliver was told that his conviction banned him from ever voting. He took the opportunity knowing full well that what he was doing was illegal. The price he is to pay is too much for him to handle.

    The Democrat’s actions of committing voter fraud forced voter rules to change. Former President Donald Trump fought hard to expose the fraud. But the best he could do was encourage Republican states to change the way voting takes place.

    Business Insider reported that “DeSantis last year signed into law a restrictive voting bill that makes voters apply for mail-in ballots more frequently and limits the availability of ballot drop boxes, in what he said at the time was an effort to make voting more secure in Florida, despite his proclamation that the state ‘did it right’ in administering the 2020 election.”

    Election fraud is something that liberals are willing to commit. But new laws are now in place to punish those involved. And those willing to cross the line will be caught and punished to the full extent of the law.

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