Illegal Search of Donald Trump’s Home Opens Can of Worms 


    The Department of Justice and FBI have a lot of questions that they need to answer. The unwarranted search of former President Donald Trump’s home was the first in American history. A former president has been the target of a politicized search by the opposing political party.

    Opposition to the search demands that the sealed warrant used to enter the premise be unsealed and made public. A lot of answers would be provided if the document could be unsealed.

    Judge Bruce Reinhart was the official that approved the warrant of Trump’s home. Trump supporters requested the judge to unseal the document to determine what the Democrats were looking for in Trump’s home.

    The judge considered releasing at least a redacted version of the document. But in a recent decision, the judge felt that a simplified version could not be released because of the information it would reveal. The private facts in the document would reveal all the information regarding what the Democrats think they have on Trump.

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    The public wants to know why the liberals used federal agencies to march through Trump’s home. The Affidavit would reveal everything behind the motive. But the Democrats cannot afford to have their fake accusations exposed by the truth.

    Newsbreak reported that “Mr. Reinhart wrote that the government has a legitimate concern over whether witnesses would remain willing to cooperate if their identities become known and whether there would be ‘an increased risk of obstruction of justice or subornation of perjury if subjects of investigation know the investigative sources and methods.’”

    The judge claims he is protecting the names of the people involved in the search and seizure. Newsbreak also noted that “’Given the public notoriety and controversy about this search, it is likely that even witnesses who are not expressly named in the Affidavit would be quickly and broadly identified over social media and other communication channels, which could lead to them being harassed and intimidated,’ he continued, adding that he gives ‘great weight’ to the ‘significant likelihood that unsealing the Affidavit would harm legitimate privacy interests by directly disclosing the identity of the affiant as well as providing evidence that could be used to identify witnesses.’”

    The Democrats have treated Donald Trump with nothing but suspicion since the first day he took office. They have attacked him at every turn, and now they want to wrongly accuse him of things and not allow the reasons to be turned over to the public for examination. The public has the right to know the reasons behind the unprecedented search.

    The secrecy of the process leads people to believe that the accusations are false. A government that accuses people and cannot provide proof of a crime is no better than a communist government silencing the people that disagree with the way it operates.

    President Joe Biden is acting like a communist dictator who targets his opposition to silence their influence. Donald Trump is still influential because people listen to him. He earned their trust while serving as president.

    For the Democrats to falsely claim that Donald Trump obstructed a federal investigation and intimidated people is purely falsified. The liberal federal government has failed to provide proof to justify the raid on Trump’s home.

    The judge has also ordered the federal government to hand over a sealed, redacted version of the original Affidavit. But all that does is allows the liberals to keep their affidavit secret.

    The judge mentioned that he believes the liberals will redact so much information that any original version would be pointless to include in the file. The Democrats plan to strip away all evidence that would bind them to the search and seizure.

    The liberals are desperate and need something to pin on Donald Trump. They need to nullify his influence in politics because he is making a difference. He is a constant reminder of what America should look like and what it should stand for. And that is something that the Democrats cannot stand to have around them as they destroy the country’s greatness.

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