Turns Out, an FBI Raid Does Wonders for Fundraising Efforts


    The Department of Justice sent the FBI after Donald Trump in hopes that they’d find something. They want nothing more than to prosecute the man simply because he is against everything they want in the world.

    Trump ran not for the fame or for the money. He already had the fame. And if you recall, he did not accept a salary. He donated his paychecks to various organizations.

    Trump ran and became president so that he could drain the swamp. He wanted to get the progressive agenda snuffed once and for all because he realized that it was a danger to democracy and to capitalism.

    The FBI agents stormed Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago looking for anything and everything.

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    For most people, that would have been enough. They would have had their reputations tarnished and they would have disappeared from the spotlight, never to be seen again.

    That’s not the way that it works with Donald Trump. He’s powerful, and there are plenty of people listening to him – especially when he talks about such things as Deep State.

    The FBI raid may have been the best thing that the Democrats could have done. People are angry about the raid – and they have been flooding Trump’s campaign with cash. It’s the ultimate fundraising tool.

    Trump took advantage of his position and sent out countless emails to his supporters – asking for money as a result of this FBI search.

    Trump’s PAC topped $1 million on at least two different days following the August 8 search of his home in Palm Beach. Prior to the FBI raid, he was seeing daily contributions of around $200,000.

    Several people who are familiar with the figures but chose to remain anonymous have said that the donations have remained high – and are still higher than they had been. There are not only more people contributing but the amounts are higher, too.

    This money is coming at just the right time. Trump has been considering an early announcement for a 2024 presidential campaign. He’s been hinting at the possibility for a while now, but there has been nothing formal.

    Many people are just assuming that he’ll run. His former advisor, Kellyanne Conway, is even trying to clear out the competition. She has publicly told Ron DeSantis to step aside and focus on being the governor that Florida needs. She’s also been vocal about having Trump wait until after the midterms to make an announcement of running in 2024.

    With so much money pouring in now, should he still wait? Does this kind of cash haul mean that he’ll get all of the support he needs to not only make it through the primaries but win the whole thing?

    Trump and his supporters are definitely able to use what happened to bolster support. What the DOJ has done is only causing Republicans to rally around Trump.

    Jessica Baldwin-Philippi, a professor at Fordham University, commented that “Trump as a candidate and fundraiser has always had an impressively dedicated set of constituents who are particularly mobilized by anger.” Any time that he is threatened or there is negative press against him can actually be “lucrative” – and the FBI raid has certainly been lucrative to Trump’s PAC.

    Of course, the Democrats are concerned that the rhetoric being used by Trump where he talks about how the FBI broke into his home and how they could be coming after any American next is only going to spark more violence.

    Trump is already being investigated to determine what part he played in the January 6 Capitol riots. And a Trump supporter was killed in Ohio this past week when trying to attack an FBI field office.

    Is Trump innocent? That’s what many people are trying to figure out.

    And people like Liz Cheney are concerned, saying, “It is entirely foreseeable the violence will escalate further.”

    More violence could mean more money for Trump. And if he’s convicted, it could be what tears the country apart once and for all.

    There’s no telling what will happen, but violence isn’t the answer. The Democrats have to be careful what their next move will be since all they’ve done so far has only helped Trump.

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