Church Leader Finds Himself in Trouble After Demanding a More Luxurious Watch


    Church leaders are supposed to show humility. They are supposed to lift their parishioners up rather than push them down. Yet, some church leaders fall out of the grace of God – and end up becoming focused on possessions.

    And one church leader has to apologize because he didn’t get the luxury watch he wanted from his followers.

    Pastor Carlton Funderburke is a preacher in Kansas at the Church at the Well. He was talking to his congregation about “how they be honoring me.”

    He seems to forget that he is just a vessel to provide God’s word. His congregation doesn’t have to honor him. They have to honor God.

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    He called them, “poor, broke, busted, and disgusted” because he didn’t get a luxury watch.

    He goes on to ask them if he’s not worth their Louis Vuitton, their Gucci, and their Prada.

    Funderburke gets loud, saying that a Movado watch can be purchased in Costco. He asked for one last year and it’s August and he still doesn’t have one.

    @KansasCityDefender on TikTok posted the video, commenting that, “It’s pastors like these that give the church a bad name.”

    We wonder why an entire generation has left the church. It’s because of greed and disrespect.

    Meanwhile, when more Americans were going to church and believed in the grace of God, we had more respect. We had more love for our fellow Americans. We didn’t have drag queens reading to kids, we didn’t have politicians demanding that we allow our preschoolers to change their gender, and we certainly didn’t have the level of mass shootings that we have today.

    In James 1:17, it says that “every good and perfect gift is from above.” Perhaps Funderburke needs to remember that. Rather than demanding that his congregation go get him a Movado watch, he should be on his knees praying. The only gifts he should be looking for will come from above.

    The video of the pastor shaming his congregation went viral – and many people expressed disgust and outrage that he would talk to people the way that he did. He was demanding that everyone maintain a certain look when they spread the gospel. It was their responsibility to maintain a specific lifestyle.

    He really doesn’t get it.

    Only after the video was viewed at least 500,000 times did Funderburke issue an apology. He explained that the clip was taken out of context, but he spoke to those he is accountable to and has asked for forgiveness from his church. He explained, “No context will suffice to explain the hurt and anguish caused by my words.”

    That’s great that he issued an apology, but his words still hit home with people in his church. How many people were angered to the point that they walked away? They left before they could get an apology or didn’t feel as though his apology is sufficient.

    Words matter. And when the church isn’t capable of delivering a meaningful message that helps to bring society together, what are we left with?

    As one person said in the Tik Tok comments about the sermon being preached, “The nerve of him to make me choose between the biscuits at Red Lobster and Him.” And that’s really the problem with today’s society. Too many people are choosing the biscuits.

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