Biden Met with Historians Warning Him of Threats to Democracy


    If you didn’t already know, our democracy is under attack. Or at least that’s what Democratic President Joe Biden and a small group of historians met and spoke about for nearly two hours last week.

    Now, to be clear, America, as one of the first of its kind, a nation decided on and for the people alone, has nearly always been under attack in one way or another – be that actual wars of the past or knowing that entities like ISIS don’t like our way of life and freedoms offered.

    But according to those familiar with this particular meeting with Biden, the threat is not necessarily another nation or even a terrorist organization. Instead, it’s a growing sense of totalitarianism worldwide, including within our own borders, according to The Washington Post.

    Historical experts in attendance noted that today’s atmosphere is likely the most dangerous in modern history, as it threatens to shred the fibers of our democracy.

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    According to these individuals, the current state of affairs, both around the world and in the United States, is not all that dissimilar to that right before the American Civil War as well as the time preceding World War II. In particular, it noted that Abraham Lincoln’s election in 1860 and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s in 1940 began eras of great controversy.

    For Lincoln, the nation was already in a state of unrest due to the growing divide between free and slave states, among other things. For Roosevelt, America saw its worst economic crisis and, following it, the Great Depression. Also, fascist movements were rising, eventually leading to the Second World War.

    Those meeting with Biden last week spoke about how the current moment resembles both of those points in history. We are currently seeing quite an economic downturn, thanks to Biden and his poor management.

    Also, thanks to Biden, fascist regimes worldwide have grown in strength and popularity. In decades past, the strength of America and her leader held those movements in check for the most part, along with the help of her mostly democratic allies. But now, with Biden blubbering about and making a fool of America, those threats are no longer as leery of taking on the U.S.

    And if that wasn’t bad enough, the people of the United States seem nearly as divided about a series of political matters as we were right before we decided to split our nation in two all those years ago and fight amongst one another.

    So there are definitely some legitimate concerns here.

    However, some of the historians in attendance seem to be a bit more worried about the fact that the Democratic Party is falling in popularity, and so the right wing is rising.

    Take Atlantic staff writer Anne Applebaum, for instance.

    While it is unsure what exactly she contributed to the meeting with Biden, this is not the first time she has written about the threats to our democracy. In 2020, she even published a book titled “Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism.” Basically, it is all about the supposed decline of democracy and how the right wing is rising.

    I’m sure you can imagine that this line of thinking would lead to threats against our democracy, including the supposed red wave that is expected to take over the US come November and the 2022 midterms. No doubt, liberals are concerned that with the fall of their plan and dreams, Republicans will rise up to become a totalitarian regime of its own – hence, a threat to democracy.

    However, we all know that to be a bunch of malarky.

    Yes, we should be concerned about keeping the precarious balance between going too far to the right in certain circles. But the same can be said about the left. And clearly, based on the fact that there is even a mention of a red wave, the people of this nation have seen too much of that as of late.

    Thankfully, our democracy is still intact. “We the people” still have a voice, and right now, we are simply balancing the scales in the hopes that we can restore our national strength and, with it, diminish the actual threats to democracy.

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