Mike Pence Blames Dems for High Gas Prices


    It doesn’t take long to realize the strain of our current economy and higher-than-average gas prices. Unfortunately, for many in the U.S., that strain has forced them to make difficult decisions, such as buying gas and being able to get to and from work or buying groceries. And thanks to rising inflation and taxes, the choice isn’t getting any easier.

    Naturally, people everywhere are trying to figure out 1) how we got to this point and 2) who’s fault it is. Of course, the “how do we fix it” question usually comes next. But not until a long finger is pointed in one direction or another.

    And when it comes to politics, that means Republicans are pointing the finger at Democrats, and Dems are pointing at the GOP.

    But who is right? After all, isn’t the government made up of both parties?

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    Well, for former Vice President Mike Pence, the fault lies solely at the feet of sitting President Joe Biden and his poorly handled administration.

    On Tuesday, Pence was traveling through his home state of Indiana, where he stopped at a gas station in Hobart, in northwest Indiana. Here, the conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity had temporarily slashed gas prices from their usual $4.15 as of a late down to $2.38, the price of a gallon of regular unleaded gas when Donald Trump left office and Joe Biden began his presidency.

    When speaking of the high gas prices the country is currently seeing, Pence made sure to point out the not-so-slow change between now and then.

    He said, “From the very first day of this administration, one policy after another set into motion the inevitable result of skyrocketing gasoline prices.”

    You might remember that during Pence’s time in the White House, he was usually the quiet one, the more calm and collected man. It was what made him pretty much the perfect counterpart for such a man as former President Donald Trump.

    However, since Pence has left the White House and quite possibly decided on a bid of his own for the Oval Office, it’s become apparent that he’s not nearly so meek and mild as we might have believed.

    And his comments in Hobart are proof of that.

    At the Hobart gas station, Pence also met with and introduced Jennifer-Ruth Green, a Republican candidate for Hobart’s District 1 Congressional seat. Democrat Representative Frank Mrvan currently holds the seat. But the district, or at least those of a more conservative nature in the area, are hoping they can flip it during the quickly approaching November midterm elections.

    It is noted that Democrats have held the district for some 90 years running, despite the state itself being a bit more conservative in general.

    And for Pence and Green, men like Mrvan have allowed gas prices to soar in the state.

    As he mentioned, bad policies and, in particular, bad energy policies from the current White House and its supporters have had a massive effect on the price of gas in the last year or so.

    From day one, as Pence said, Biden pretty much declared war on the U.S.’s energy industry. He canceled a massive oil pipeline project that would have not only employed tens of thousands of Americans all the way from Canada to Texas but would have supplied the U.S. and its neighbors with oil from our own lands.

    And since then, he’s cut other similar projects, including one in Alaska, where literally millions of oil-rich soil lie in wait, untapped and untouched while America struggles to get crude oil and its products from not-so-stable or friendly nations like Russia and Iran.

    Now, of course, the war between Russia and Ukraine has only exacerbated those problems, making oil that much harder to come by and that much more expensive to ship.

    But again, energy policies by Biden and those such as Mrvan could have helped the American people tremendously. Besides making us less dependent on other nations that are not always willing to play ball or even fight on the same side, they could have kept America supplied and prices still low.

    Instead, Biden chose to do just about everything possible that he could to hurt the American people. So, yeah, I’d say Pence isn’t all that far off.


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