Jonathan Turley Takes Apart Liz Cheney Claim J6 Committee Has ‘Much More’ to Come


    The January 6 Committee has promised since the start of their hearings that they would produce the evidence to nail President Donald Trump. But as anyone can tell you, all they’ve produced is bad television that people have been avoiding like the plague because they know it’s a biased witch hunt. But after nine hearings, they have not produced evidence to support criminal charges, according to George Washington law school professor Jonathan Turley. As he notes, even former prosecutor (and Senator) Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) thought it would be “very tough” to get an indictment legally.

    Instead, what we’ve gotten is a witch hunt “show trial” with a controlled Democratic effort, with only Democratic-appointed Trump-hating people on the Committee, with no ability to present anything to rebut the carefully crafted narrative about Trump. Yet, still, they haven’t produced evidence of crimes.

    As Turley notes:

    As if to fulfill that show trial portrayal, Cheney ended the last hearing by calling for more officials to come forward and noting that Trump family members and former officials have now come forward with their own public “confessions.”

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    But now Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) — soon to be the ex-Congresswoman from Wyoming — is pulling an “Adam Schiff” and promising that there’s more to come, just as he did during the Russia collusion case.

    “The committee has been, I think, very thorough and laying out much of what we know. There’s much more that we have not yet shared in hearings, and we anticipate we will share in the fall. We will also make decisions about criminal referrals, and ultimately the decision about prosecutions is up to the Justice Department, but I would anticipate the committee will have an opinion on that.” [….]

    The lack of any balance in the scope of examinations or presentation of evidence only magnifies the appearance of an investigation tailored political rather than investigative priorities.

    So now Cheney is saying “stay tuned” once again like a sequel that never quite ends.

    Oh, who would have thought? They want to act like there’s something and hold that in suspense for anyone that will fall for it. Then they’ll drop some kind of questionable something just before the midterms in an “October surprise.” As Turley notes, that timing further indicates the political nature of this.

    But if the Committee truly had something that could stand up, everyone knows that they would have dropped it already. Because what Cheney and the Committee have made clear is they aim to stop Trump from running again. That’s what this whole exercise is about. Even Dick Cheney admitted it in the new ad that Liz put out for her campaign. This is about dragging out this sorry show as long as they possibly can to try to hurt Trump.

    But people haven’t tossed aside Trump — indeed, he’s leading both Biden and Harris in the Harvard Caps/Harris poll that came out this week.

    So Cheney and the Committee have completely failed in their efforts.

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