And Then There Were Four…The Remaining Republicans Who Voted to Impeach Trump…It’s Primary Time


    Every action has its consequences. Good, bad, or otherwise, the piper will eventually pass the collection plate. A few years have passed since Donald Trump was sitting in the impeachment chair, but the memory remains clear of the four Republicans who voted to lop off his head and are now running for reelection. Their day of reckoning is upon them as they slither into the primaries.

    Altogether, ten Republicans invited the henchman into the room, but only four remain standing. Four of them cowered from the viscous onslaught they knew awaited them by finding new jobs outside of politics.

    Two have already gone through their state primaries. Rep. Tom Rice R-S.C.) was defeated miserably, while Rep David Valadao (R-Calif.), only because of it being the land of the liberal/conservative, kept his title.

    The outcasted group huddled up in hopes of creating a plan to dodge the political barbs about to be slung their way, but they couldn’t agree. Two of them want to openly flaunt their decisions while the other two are shopping for a rug to sweep things under. Poof… It never happened.

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    Whether the four act as a squad or individually, they’ll all have a tough row to hoe over the next month as the primaries begin to “nasty” up. Not only are they up against their non-forgiving GOP peers, but who in their right mind thinks Trump himself won’t have a thing or two to say about his would-be executioners?

    Let’s take their masks off. First up is Washington GOP Rep. Dan Newhouse, followed by GOP Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, also from Washington. Next, from the politically confused state of Michigan, comes GOP Rep. Peter Meijer (R-Mich.).

    But that’s only three? The final one deserves special recognition as the only one who’s still holding a dagger to Trump’s throat. The infamous and highly-despised by anyone who counts for anything, from the great state of Wyoming,  GOP Rep. Liz Cheney.

    Newhouse is facing the tailwind head-on. “I try to focus on those things that are important today and the issues in my district. If it comes up, I don’t shy away from it,” he said. “But there’s a lot of things that are going on. People are trying to tear down our dams; our agricultural industry has a lot of challenges; Inflation prices of everything [sic] has gone through the roof.”

    Biden may have given Newhouse plenty to work with, but since he handed his challengers the exact same playbook of failures to vow to fix, the candidate with the biggest boo-boo in their permanent record is going to be meeting Satan face-to-face in a war of negativity. 

    Valadao, in his wildest fantasy, thinks ignoring the issue will make it go away. Voters have short memories and he’s been a good little soldier since. Been crossing and dotting and laying low. That oughta do it for him. 

    Cheney has no choice but to embrace the crotch kick she delivered to Trump. She’s going at him on national TV with blood dripping from her lips. She wants to see him get twice-fried in Old Sparky in case the first jolt wasn’t enough.

    It depends on who you ask and what day of the week it is which way Meijer’s gonna go. He’s leaning more toward silence, which considering how those Michigan fellas have a tendency to get riled up, is probably a good choice. Either way, he’s going to lose so why not try to go out quietly?

    The storms are brewing and the ground rattling thunder is quickly approaching. Here’s an amusing thought. What if Cheney gets voted out and is no longer qualified to serve on the Jan.6 panel? Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

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