Liz Cheney Pulls One More Desperate Gambit, With the Help of a Hollywood Liberal


    Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is in trouble in Wyoming. Polls have placed her as much as 30 points behind her Trump-endorsed primary opponent, Harriet Hageman.Throwing in with the Democrats and their Jan. 6 Committee has made Cheney very unpopular in the state. Add to that the fact that she has blown off Republican events and townhalls and ignored what the Republicans in the state might want or what they might think.

    I reported how even CNN couldn’t get around the fact that Wyoming was turned off by Liz Cheney. They went to Frontier Days and searched for people and had difficulty even finding two people to support her. They were honest about that and aired a hilarious video of what most of the Wyoming people said about Cheney and they just let her have it for going along with a witch hunt against Donald Trump and selling out Wyoming.

    Cheney is now desperate to try to figure out how to get people to vote for her. She’s even appealed to Democrats to cross the aisle and help her win her primary.

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    But she thinks she may have something with her latest tweet. What she doesn’t realize is that it’s another example of why she’s out of touch with Wyoming. She posted a picture of “Yellowstone” actor Kevin Costner, wearing a shirt that said, “I’m for Liz Cheney” and her caption, “Real men put country over party.”

    Exactly how does she think getting the endorsement of a Hollywood liberal helps her? It’s exactly that kind of thinking that the people in Wyoming reject. Costner voted for Barack Obama, even said he was interested in Michelle Obama running, and voted for Joe Biden. So how is he “putting country over party”? He’s with the Democrats, just as Cheney is. Why would anyone in Wyoming care what Costner thinks about Cheney? She’s hard up for help at this point.

    But Costner is a sample of the people who support Cheney — most of her donations are from people from out of state, not Wyoming. Meanwhile, most of Hageman’s donors are in the state. That tells the tale right there — people out of state can give you money, but they can’t vote for you in the state. Costner has a home in Aspen, Colorado.

    With that tweet, Cheney is also insulting all the men who don’t support her in Wyoming, suggesting they aren’t even “real men” when indeed, they know they are choosing what they believe best for the country. But that’s how sanctimonious she is. Not a good look to try to insult the people you want to vote for you. But that’s Liz Cheney.

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