WH Excuse for How Flying Illegal Aliens to NY Is Different Than Busing Them to DC Breaks All the Silly Meters


    It’s been a tough day for White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. She had a trifecta of horrible responses today on three different issues.

    First, there was her pathetic response to the Chinese threat to shoot down House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plane if she went to Taiwan with a fighter escort. Jean-Pierre didn’t even condemn it; she just refused to comment on Pelosi’s “schedule”-which was an incredibly weak response in the face of such a threat.

    Then there was also the ridiculous response KJP made to the news about the decision the Biden team made to complete parts of the Trump border wall in the Yuma area. This was a complete about-face from Joe Biden’s pledge not to build one more foot of Donald Trump’s wall, not to mention KJP’s anti-wall comments. But now, they were trying to justify it. Jean-Pierre even attacked Trump, claiming they were cleaning up the “mess” Trump left. No, the Biden team were the ones who made the mess by stopping the building of the wall, regardless of how much that hurt the American people. Now, they’re backtracking like the hypocrites they are.

    But that wasn’t all. She must have wanted to complete the trifecta of horrible responses because she had one more left in her on Friday.

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    Texas and Arizona bused illegal aliens to Washington, D.C., to let the D.C. establishment know their systems were being overwhelmed and the federal government needed to do something to stop the flood at the border. It worked, because D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser then demanded that Joe Biden provide the National Guard to help the city “indefinitely” with the 4,000 people that Bowser said were a “humanitarian crisis” they had to deal with. If 4,000 in a few months is a humanitarian crisis, what are the hundreds of thousands flooding into the Texas and Arizona cities? Arizona had to deal with more than 40,000 in June alone. Jean-Pierre was asked about the problem on Thursday and said that the illegal aliens were being sent as a “political ploy.”

    A reporter followed up on the issue on Friday with a great question for Jean-Pierre. “What’s the difference between Texas busing migrants to D.C., and the federal government flying migrants to, say New York, in the middle of the night?” the reporter asked. That’s exactly what the Biden team has been doing.

    KJP’s reply was just silly, “It’s very different because we’re not doing it — using migrants as a political pawn.” Talk about a hypocritical response.

    No, the Republicans are doing it to make the point that Biden is hurting the country with his policies, and you Democrats don’t care until the problem drops in your backyard. They proved that very effectively with this. But the illegal aliens are all only here because of the Democrats’ craven “political ploy” to leave the doors to the country open, so people can flood in. But how can Biden, KJP, or Bowser object? They wanted this-and isn’t D.C. still a sanctuary city? So, according to their ethos, this should be a great thing. How can they be upset?

    But notice a couple of things. KJP didn’t deny flying the illegal aliens into New York in the middle of the night. Moreover, Bowser still hasn’t gotten any real help from Biden, and I don’t think they got the National Guard yet. If Biden provided it, he might then face the question of why he thinks that’s a humanitarian crisis in D.C. but not one in the cities that have had to put up with this under him for two years.

    Looks like the tactic is working — it’s got their attention. May I suggest to Texas and Arizona to broaden your scope, with buses to Martha’s Vineyard and Rehoboth Beach, Maryland? Those seem like two nice beach areas for the illegal aliens to hang out in for the rest of the summer.

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