Los Angeles County Says Observers Will Not Be Allowed to Monitor District Attorney George Gascon Recall Ballot Count


    Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon has gained national notoriety for his shocking incompetence as a prosecutor. He has come to symbolize everything that is wrong about the Soros-backed “Defund the Police” movement and its emissaries.

    Gascon is a radical progressive whose belief in “restorative justice” and advocacy for criminals over victims has led to a historic rise in crime in the city and county of Los Angeles. His name has become synonymous with progressive failures in criminal justice, and his plight is now in question, as a recall effort has just been approved for the November ballot. Will Gascon go down like his San Francisco counterpart, Chesa Boudin?

    It certainly won’t help that the county of Los Angeles has indicated they will not allow observers to view the ballot counting process, as it is not considered an election, according to Just the News.

    Monitors will not be allowed to view the vote counting in the recall balloting for Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon because the county does not consider the process as an election, officials say.

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    The organizers of the recall campaign say they wants [sic] to make sure the voter petitions are accurately counted to place the measure on a ballot, as early possibly as November.

    And supporters of the effort argue the law clearly states the recall is an election and the process should be public.

    “We are concerned about it, and we have attorneys looking at it,” retired LAPD Sgt. Dennis Zine, one of the campaign organizers, said of the petition counting.

    The law does indeed clearly identify recalls as elections, and supporting language can be found in the Procedures For Recalling State and Local Officials handbook provided by the state. Page 13 says:


    An election to determine whether to recall an officer and, if appropriate, to elect a successor, shall be called by the Governor and held not less than 60 days nor more than 80 days from the date of certification of sufficient signatures. (Cal. Const., Art. II, Sec. 15(a))

    The recall election may be conducted within 180 days from the date of certification of sufficient signatures in order that the election may be consolidated with the next regularly scheduled election occurring wholly or partially within the same jurisdiction in which the recall election is held, if the number of voters eligible to vote at that next regularly scheduled election equal to at least fifty percent (50%) of all the voters eligible to vote at the recall election. (Cal. Const., Art. II, Sec. 15(a))

    Officers charged by law with duties concerning elections are required to make all arrangements for such election. The election must be conducted, returns canvassed, and the result declared, in all respects as are other state elections. (Elections Code ? 11110)

    Gascon has presided over several astonishing criminal scandals since his 2020 election victory.

    Recently, two El Monte police officers were murdered in cold blood by a gang member known to law enforcement. As it turned out, Gascon’s office had released the offender on previous violent offenses. He should have never been on the streets to begin with.

    Flores was a known gang member with an extensive criminal record dating back to 2010. In 2021, Flores was extended a plea deal by Gascon’s office. Flores received the bare minimum sentence with no jail time. He was placed on probation — another example of how Gascon’s soft-on-crime policies have made the citizens of Los Angeles unsafe.

    “This individual should have been in custody for at least 32 months,” said LA County Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Hatami.

    In another disturbing move, Gascon nixed the ‘lifer unit,’ which means the victims of terribly violent crimes will no longer be notified when their attackers are up for a parole hearing-and possibly could be released from prison. RedState’s Bob Hoge first reported on the development.

    We have learned that Gascon has pulled the plug on the “Lifer Unit,” the group of deputy district attorneys charged with notifying victims of crime or relatives of victims (VNOK, or “victim’s next of kin”) of their victimizer’s parole hearings.

    And of course there was the convicted felon who was recorded telling his buddy he planned to get Gascon’s name tattooed on his forehead because the DA’s policies were responsible for setting him free.

    RedState will continue to monitor updates on the status of the recall, as they battle to ensure the process is as free and fair as possible.

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