Sole BLM Backed Federal Candidate is Charged with Wire Fraud


    As you know, Black Lives Matter hasn’t faired so well in recent years. While they had a rather massively successful year in 2020, following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the years since then have proven to be their undoing.

    Not only have Americans pretty much shunned the group for their encouragement of riots and “peaceful” protests that left community after community nationwide with millions in damages and untold pain and suffering, but it seems that no one in their organization is all that honest or trustworthy. More than a few of their number, including their former leader and co-founder, have been charged with crimes and felonies, most having to deal with the misuse of funds.

    At some point, you’d think they would learn from those mistakes, especially after cities like Minneapolis, which used to be their flagship, have now disowned them and demanded a “refunding” of police.

    But it seems they are a glutton for punishment. Even the people they endorse and support politically can’t be trusted.

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    Enter former Louisiana Democratic state senator Karen Carter Peterson.

    Peterson was just charged this month with one count of wire fraud in a federal court for using campaign and party monies for personal expenses, including her gambling addiction. She was the only congressional candidate to receive support from BLM in the last year.

    Peterson had been a state senator for the southern state for years. But in April, she resigned, claiming mental health issues and an addiction to gambling, according to Fox News. She was also a Louisiana Democratic Party chair.

    According to the Louisiana Illuminator, the misuse of funds was part of a seven-year scheme in which Peterson diverted state campaign funds to four individuals and four different companies. Those companies and people then cashed the checks and gave Peterson most or all of the funds.

    Once the money was received, an investigation into Peterson proved that she then used the funds for personal expenses, including keeping up her gambling problem. In addition, she filed “false and misleading” campaign finance reports to “mischaracterize expenditures as being for legitimate purposes related to her campaign or the holding of public office, according to the Justice Department’s July 14 press release.

    These funds notably include over $100,000 from the Black Lives Matter PAC, a BLM Global Network Foundation affiliated committee, for a 2021 attempt for Peterson to win a seat in Congress. Of course, she failed that attempt to win the state’s second district and has since been tied up in court.

    Another awesome choice for BLM, huh?

    Again, it is noted that she was BLM’s only federal congressional choice for the current election cycle, whom they supported until June, according to their records. The only candidate to receive funding from BLM in the last year was Chi Osse, who ran for New York City council member in 2021.

    Now, since then, Peterson claims she is on her way to “recovery” from her addiction. As such, she made a statement on Twitter claiming to have “made a full repayment of funds used as a result of my addiction, and I will continue to make amends.” Additionally, she promises to be “fully cooperative” with investigators and the US attorney’s office.

    Of course, if faced with punishment including up to 20 years in prison, $250,000 in fines, and three years of supervised release after prison, I’d be cooperative and put on a face of “amends,” too. Peterson is scheduled to appear in federal court to determine punishment on August 1.

    As for BLM, you’d think this would again hit home the fact that those they support, as well as employ, need to be and stand for what they supposedly believe in – you know, things like equality and fair work practices for all.

    But perhaps that’s just it. Maybe what they are proving, if anything, is that they are all about failure and fraud, and apparently none too ashamed of it. I mean, what else could it mean when so many of your affiliations of late have ended in court proceedings, jail time, and federally imposed fines?

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