Even CNN’s Chris Cillizza Mocks Biden and His New Recession Talking Point


    The Biden team has been trying to spin a new talking point about a recession not being two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth because we’re likely to hear later this week that it was negative in the second quarter.

    Joe Biden even declared on Monday to reporters, “We’re not going to be in a recession in my view.”

    But it looks like the new Biden talking point is something that is even too much for CNN to stomach.

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    “I get why they want to do this from a political perspective,” anchor Kasie Hunt said in response. “But, like, you can’t fake this!”

    Even CNN’s Chris Cillizza — the guy who became infamous for saying that they don’t take a side while seemingly taking the Democratic position at every opportunity — wasn’t buying into it and mocked Joe Biden. He said he was laughing to himself about the “in my view” thing. “In my view, I should be drafted into the NBA,” Cillizza laughed. “Even if NBA executives didn’t agree with me.”

    “It doesn’t really matter what you think,” Cillizza said referencing Biden, “There is a technical definition of two straight quarters of negative economic growth. They clearly believe that is likely to come to pass later this week. They’re trying to pre-but it. To your point, we get why they’re doing it politically.” “Right,” Hunt said. “At the same time, we have these terms for reasons, you don’t have to like it. Of course, they don’t like it.”

    Cillizza said this adds to Joe Biden’s bad numbers for his handling of the economy with it already low at 25 or 30 percent. “But you don’t get to change the nomenclature…cause it doesn’t work for you,” he said. “Well, then again your voters are going to feel what they feel in their lives, no matter what,” Hunt said.

    Will wonders never cease? That’s finally a truthful breakdown of the Biden team’s effort to buffalo the American people, with even the prediction that essentially it isn’t going to work, because the American people are going to end up feeling the recession even if Biden lies about its existence.

    It would be hard for the media to go along with this Biden lie — although some will, no doubt. But here’s a mash-up of media people defining that it is, in fact, two consecutive quarters of negative GDP.

    We saw Biden economic advisor Jared Bernstein pushing the new talking point, but getting nailed by his prior words. So let’s see how many in the media flip on this to support the Biden spin.

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