With Ratings Like These, the Jan. 6 Show Trial Probably Isn’t Going to Get Renewed


    The Jan. 6 Committee has been doing all they can to throw things against the wall in their hearings, hoping that something would stick.

    The problem is that they have nothing, so they’re down to claiming things like Donald Trump had a heated discussion with Secret Service agents or putting on witnesses with hearsay testimony to talk about that heated discussion. But none of what they have shown even begins to nail Trump with anything.

    The larger problem, though, is that most people are not watching the Committee’s struggling efforts. As we’ve reported, the ratings for the first prime time session earlier in June were less than the regular news programs would have gotten — it was a trainwreck.

    Moreover, the polls have shown that most Americans are far more concerned about things like inflation; they’re just not showing interest. Moreover, the polls also show that Americans believe the proceedings are biased and that Democrats should be concentrating on other things-like the economy. Americans get it, and they know what the Democrats are about here.

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    Have the ratings gotten any better for the Democrats’ Stalinist show trial, after Cassidy Hutchinson, cliffhangers, and headhunting attempts on Donald Trump? Well, in short, no.

    According to Deadline, the latest primetime hearing on Thursday drew an estimated 17.7 million viewers, an 11 percent dropoff from the 20 million who watched the committee’s last evening event. In other words, even less than the first-night trainwreck in June.

    Now, I don’t know what they think they can pull out of a hat to make things any better for them. It’s just not working. I’m convinced it’s also not helping their overall numbers in polling. The Democrats continue to lag Republicans in prospects for the midterms, and it looks like they’re about to get wiped out by a huge red wave. I think they thought it would antagonize the public against the Republicans. Instead, it just makes Americans mad at Democrats that they’re spending all this time and money trying to get Donald Trump for the umpteenth time. Funny how Americans think that the Democratic “public servants” should be doing their jobs, rather than spending the American taxpayers’ money trying to take out their possible political opponent in 2024.

    If we were just looking at ratings, this show trial isn’t going to get renewed for the next season.

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