Democrats Suffering Under Joe Biden As Many Are Concerned About Their Future in Washington


    President Joe Biden and his administration have made a terrible mess of the country. The southern border is being primarily neglected, supply chain issues continue to mount, international issues are growing, gas prices are out of control and inflation is still rising. All these issues exist because the president refuses to put America first and work to make the country great again.

    Biden’s failures are the trademark of his tenure in the White House. He will be remembered as the man that could not run a country. His failures make it easy for people to determine who they will vote for in the upcoming midterm elections. And the way he handles the significant issues is a primary concern for Democrats moving forward.

    Voters are mainly concerned about the current inflation rate. The high prices and outrageous interest rates rob people of their hard-earned money. And the Democrats serving in the swing states are concerned and ticked off over how Biden responds to the issue.

    Elissa Slotkin represents part of Michigan. She stated that “I remember being with a bunch of senior leaders in November, screaming my head off about the price of gas in November and being patted on my head and saying like, ‘Don’t worry, we got to get through Christmas and it’ll be better in 2022.’ I don’t think that we have a great sense of where this is going.”

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    The truth is that Biden does not have a clue as to the direction that the country is going. He may sit in the captain’s seat, but his hands are not on the wheel. Engines are fully engaged, but the country is out of control because no one is steering its course.

    Fox News reported that Biden mentioned that the inflation report from June was incorrect because the gas price has dropped slightly in the past few weeks. The president must think that the population is foolish enough to believe that a few pennies matter compared to the massive increase that happened in less than a year.

    Voters want prices to return to what they were before Biden stepped into the White House. Senator Tammy Baldwin is another Democrat concerned about her constituent’s future in politics. She stated, “I know that people are really suffering with the inflation and while it is great news that in the last month that gas prices have gone down by about 40 cents per gallon, that’s not really the break people are looking for.”

    Joe Biden’s mixed messages are turning people off. He wants people to believe that the inflation rate is going down, but current reports show that it is rising at an enormous rate. Fox News showed the rate was up 9.1 percent in June compared to last year.

    The country cannot trust what comes out of the president’s mouth. According to the old man’s administration, he made a trip to the Middle East supposedly to speak with oil producers about increasing supply. But along comes Biden, who tells everyone that his trip is about making peace in the Middle East. The Biden Administration does not know what is happening within its sphere of operation.

    Swing state Democrats are ticked and overly concerned about the future of the Democratic Party in Washington. Voters are flocking to the Republican side because they can trust what is being said about the affairs of the country and the path that needs to be taken to fix the mess Biden has created.

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