Biden Engages in Oil Project But Only Because of Midterms


    The midterm elections have caused the Democratic Party to drift into an all-out panic. Their voter base has become enraged over how bad things have become in America and how their leaders are pressing to institute socialism on a grand scale. President Joe Biden leads the way in doing things that continue to anger the country. But recently, Biden has tried to move on projects in to hope that people will forget about his traitorous track record.

    The president decided it would be in his best interest to start taking steps on the delayed oil contracts that he has been sitting on for the better half of a year. The upcoming elections have him reevaluating his position on a lot of things. But the oil contracts are one of the biggest things people want him to act on.

    The problem he is facing is that his party supporters hate the idea and are angry that he is even considering approving the projects. Climate worshippers believe that the drilling in Alaska would harm the president’s emission standards and would effectively end the world after new emissions were released into the air.

    Environmentalists were happy that the president was dragging his feet and not approving or moving on drilling projects. CNN Politics reported, “The US Department of Interior released a draft environmental impact statement for the ConocoPhillips oil drilling project, known as Willow, on Friday night. The statement does not represent a final decision and includes several potential scenarios for the project, including no drilling. But it was a critical step the Biden administration needed to complete for the process to move forward — setting off alarm bells among environmental groups.”

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    The project is alarming climate wackos because it would open a drilling project for the next 30 years. They believe it would sum up hundreds of millions of metric tons of new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. They believe this would warm the planet and cause more polar caps to melt.

    The great thing about the project is that it would open up several new drilling sites. The oil would be transported by pipeline to the refineries, turning it into gas for consumers to buy. The Democrats hate the idea because it goes against their beliefs. But the public loves the idea because it would lower gas prices.

    Biden took it upon himself to strangle off domestic energy production. His goal was to return America to a place where the country would have to depend on foreign energy providers to fuel the American infrastructure. He desires to subjugate the nation to foreign powers, forcing the United States to bow to its enemies or risk losing energy supplies.

    Former President Donald Trump had initially put the country on a path of energy independence. But Biden got into office and reversed all the work Trump had done. He could not stand to see America producing its own energy.

    Lisa Murkowski is a senator serving the state of Alaska. She stated that she would keep on the current administration so they would follow through on the project. Biden has a way of starting projects and letting them sit stagnantly. Murkowski stated, “From day one, I’ve elevated the Willow project to the Administration as my top priority.”

    The critics are crying over the project claiming that the world’s end is at hand. They think that just because one company wants to dig holes in the ground, the end of the world will happen.

    Christy Goldfuss is one of those people who believe the project spells the end of the world. She maintains that the 30-year project will not make any difference in the current state of the price of gas. The fuss she is making about the project is the same whining every time a company starts drilling for oil.

    And never has the world ended because a pipe was stuck into the ground. There is no scientific basis for the claims that are being made about the oil project. It is mere speculation at best.

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