Trump Moves Beyond the Boos to Give the People What They Want


    Former President Donald Trump has done a lot to make America great. He not only secured the border and bolstered the economy, but he even did things to ensure that the country would be prosperous long after he left office. And despite Joe Biden’s efforts to erase Trump’s name from the annals of history, the man keeps gaining fame and power as he continues to deliver what the people want to hear.

    The mass media continues to attack the man because he is heavily involved in politics. He endorses people he thinks can take down the bigoted left with fantastic success. And He continues to enlist a massive following that empowers him to keep moving forward for the country’s benefit.

    Trump’s enemies would have everyone think that the crowds mock him and engage in booing when he comes out on the stage. But the booing is just the crowd’s way of telling the man what they want. And his past actions of changing how he speaks about things show that he listens to the people, unlike the current president, who ignores everyone.

    MSNBC reported that “Nearly a year ago, Trump held an event in Alabama — one of the nation’s reddest red states, where the Republican ticket won by 25 points in 2020 — where he encouraged attendees to get Covid vaccines. The booing was audible and immediate. Four months later, at an event in Texas, he acknowledged having received a booster shot, at which point he was again booed by his supporters.”

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    But they failed to understand in the report that the former president learned that he should not speak a particular word because it reminds them of the nasty business that Joe Biden tried to force everyone to undertake when the vaccination mandate was issued. Trump stated, “We did so much in therapeutics and a word that I’m not allowed to mention. But I’m still proud of that word! Because we did that in nine months, and it was supposed to take five years to 12 years. Nobody else could have done it.”

    Biden took the word “vaccine” and turned it into a dirty word. He pushed it so hard that just mentioning the word is enough to make people want to throw up. The people were not booing at Trump and their disapproval of the man. They booed at him because they hated the vaccine Biden was pushing around and trying to force people to take.

    Trump picked up on the people’s sour memory and wanted to help move them beyond the terror the current president is putting everyone through. Donald Trump’s hope reminds people that there is always another election where voters can rid themselves of the blue trash, making life miserable for everyone.

    The former president may not have used the word much in recent speeches, but he reminded the people of their great success in developing the vaccine. The shot is a staunch reminder that Trump did the impossible of making America great again while fighting the Democrat’s efforts to destroy his work.

    CNBC cannot see the truth behind the booing. The people were not booing at Trump but at the socialist sitting in the White House. Biden has hijacked the word enough that it reminds people of the terrible first year they have had to live under during his presidential term. All the booing was the crowd’s way of showing their hatred for the president and their support for the former president, who still has not given up on the people.

    The liberal MSNBC also tried to report that the booing reminded them how much they thought the Republican Party hated success and science. But the truth is that without a Republican president in the White House during the pandemic, the pandemic would have claimed more lives than it did. Trump did the impossible and got the private sector to develop a vaccine that saved countless lives.

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