Biden Can’t Wait To Make a Deal With Mexico With Hopes of Opening the Border


    President Joe Biden is trying to insert himself as a world leader by visiting other countries and inviting select visitors to the White House. His latest act is set to bring Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to Washington to discuss trade and the southern border.

    Biden knows that he made a spectacle of himself the first year in office as he would trip and fall all over the place. World leaders saw just how ridiculous he had become. And they are not willing to jeopardize the future of their nations on the whims of a crazy old man.

    The meeting is supposed to help strengthen the ties between the United States and Mexico. Relations with the Mexican government have been strenuous at best because of the way Biden abandoned the good-faith treaty with Mexico regarding illegals trying to sneak their way northward. The president killed the Trump deal because he could not stand that his predecessor did something that he still cannot accomplish: securing the southern border between Mexico and the United States.

    The Mexican president is not at all thrilled to meet up with Joe Biden. The issue stems from Biden’s arrogance and neglect for those he meets up with. He acts like he has all the answers and is too good to meet others. He declined an invitation to attend the Summit of the Americas sent to him by the old man.

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    Newsbreak has reported that “Biden and Lopez Obrador will meet in the Oval Office late Tuesday morning, but will not participate in a joint news conference — as many world leaders often do when they visit the White House. The lack of such a news conference might be a reflection of the recent U.S.-Mexico tensions.”

    Biden’s open border policies have put Mexico in a dangerous pickle. The illegals pressing the southern border are not Mexican people. They are people traveling from Central and South America. They have to cross through Mexico, which puts them at risk of harm, just like it does Americans living in the southern states.

    The summit that Lopez Obrador refused to attend was a no-show for many world leaders. Newsbreak reported that many leaders refused to make the trip to California even though they were invited.

    They could not stomach the lies and nonsense the liberal president insists on spewing from his mouth. The old man also refused to invite confident leaders from Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua because they did not represent freedom. Biden should have also been banned for his push for socialism by all rights.

    The Mexican President stated very clearly, “I am not going to the summit because not all the countries of the Americas are invited. I believe in the need to change the policy that has been imposed for centuries — exclusions, wanting to dominate for no reason, not respecting the sovereignty of countries. I am very sorry not to be able to meet with President Biden because I consider him a good man, but he is under strong pressure from Republicans, extremists, and some leaders of the Cuban community in the United States, who have a lot of influence.”

    Biden wants to continue to play president while not fully understanding what his role is for the job. He refused to invite confident leaders because he wanted to find favor with others. He missed an opportunity to influence those leaders with ideas to help their people become free. But he was more interested in impressing others than doing a better thing.

    The meeting between the two men is supposed to bring the two nations together. But with Biden sitting in the White House, any relationship will need to be under scrutiny because of the way he lies about everything.

    The Mexican President is not the sharpest person around, but he can see through his ignorance of Biden. Biden is only meeting with the man to appear to be working in the American people’s best interests. Nothing will have been accomplished when the meeting is over since Biden is all about fame and never about producing tangible results.

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