Washington Post Thinks Biden Needs People To Give Him a Break

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    Ever since President Joe Biden took office the Washington Post has been pushing his policies and ideals blindly. Their persistent belief that his far-left, liberal, and short-sighted ideas are the way to fix America.

    From defending violent rioters to doing everything they can to make President Trump out to be the villain, they have zero desire to support anything Republican.

    So, when opinion columnist Dana Milbank penned a piece about Sleepy Joe you know it was going to be utter rubbish.

    “Here’s the deal, Democrats: You need to give Joe Biden a break,” he said while attacking Democrats for “complaining about the president’s failure to channel outrage about mass shootings, the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade and MAGA Republicans’ assaults on democracy.”

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    While laying out a minefield of excuses for why people need to leave Biden alone, his article rambled on in a way that brought back memories of the video showing the crying teen under a blanket demanding people leave Brittney alone.

    This whining about the situation the President has painted himself into with the press, foreign politicians, and his fellow Americans is an old song that has been on repeat for nearly two years at this point.

    President Biden has been largely successful in failing to achieve in nearly every area imaginable, and in ways many people didn’t think he could. Being handed a successful economy, a productive job market, and stable gas prices as we began to get away from a pandemic wasn’t good enough for him.

    Instead, he has led us to rampant inflation, put us into a recession as a result, and while jobless claims are going back down, it’s because thousands of people have fallen off the reporting matrix; not because they found work.

    For people like Milbank, this failure is to be commended because we don’t have any more mean tweets. Meanwhile, violent crime is skyrocketing, and in Democrat-controlled cities like San Francisco and Chicago, people are hiring private security just to ensure their personal belongings and homes aren’t being robbed.

    This vision of the great Joe Biden is nothing but a nightmare for the American people, and bleeding-heart liberals like Milbank just don’t care as long as Trump is gone.

    “Those saying Biden has generally failed to attack Republican extremism overlook months of heat: saying ‘this MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in recent American history,’ denouncing ‘the big lie being told by the former president and may Republicans who fear his wrath,’ condemning the ‘unconscionable’ obstruction by Senate Republicans, and lambasting Republicans’ ‘ultra-MAGA’ agenda.”

    This idea that the Republicans are full of extremists is nothing less than a gigantic smear campaign. Conservatives come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. From all over the country they have come out to try and get Biden out of office.

    His horrific “leadership” is costing American citizens their rights, their freedom, and their money every day. The American people don’t have to tolerate such incompetence in the White House.

    While the leftists love to complain about how unfiltered President Trump was, that was simply due to his lack of a career as a politician. Now we have the yin to his yang, and we can see just how truly moronic a career as a politician can make an old man.

    This is a President of embarrassment and shame for the American people.

    Before President Biden, you could always find average people who were proud of their President and the job he was doing. Now, you’re lucky if you can find someone who knows what sex they are, who even likes the guy.

    This shameful job being done by President Biden is only further dividing an already split country, and driving us past the poor house and straight toward a total economic depression.

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and his doctors will block him from staying on as President?

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