The Reality of the Biden Administration: Bad Messaging


    Bad messaging. It’s what we constantly hear as the reason why the Biden administration is failing. It’s also the reason we hear as to why there are so many staff changes happening, particularly out of Kamala Harris’s office.

    While some will say that a shake-up of staff members is normal, the reality is that there’s been a tidal wave of people exiting. Some of this has to do with burnout while some have to do with incompatibility. That, and the word on the street is that Harris is an absolute nightmare to work for, which sounds like a legitimate claim.

    The messaging strategy coming from Biden is what most people point to being the problem. One Democratic strategist told The Hill “His messaging has been terrible. It’s bad. There’s no way around it.”

    That’s when the messaging can even be understood. Oftentimes, Biden stands up at the podium and falls all over himself. He makes errors. He calls people by the wrong name. And then he stands up there until someone escorts him down since he can’t find the stairs on his own.

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    The messaging gets lost. Whatever Biden says is usually followed up by someone within the White House explaining that isn’t what he meant. We basically need an interpreter to understand what the president is TRYING to tell us.

    Yeah, bad messaging….

    Kate Bedingfield is the latest one to leave the White House. She was Biden’s communications director. While it hasn’t been officially announced, there are enough within her inner circle who claim that she’s told people that she’s on her way out.

    Meanwhile, we already saw Jen Psaki step down as press secretary.

    And there have been countless mid and lower-level press aides to have left over the past six months.

    With the communications director leaving just as a new press secretary enters, it’s not going to clear up any of the messaging. As it is, Karine Jean-Pierre is struggling in her role as press secretary as she can’t even answer basic questions to clear up what the president says or what he means.

    There have also been reports that the comms team for Biden and for Harris are at odds with one another.

    As Red State reported, the problem is that “Biden’s people reportedly frustrate at the veep’s inability to appropriately handle the tasks given to her by Joe Biden, and the Harris camp’s belief being that Biden’s staff relishes pinning his multitude of failures on her.”

    This sounds like a lot more than bad messaging. It sounds like a bad pairing of the president and vice president. Then again, you should never choose your VP from the list of people you beat during the primaries.

    Harris let her true feelings be known about Biden when they were on the same stage during the primary debates. The number of attacks that she made on his character and on his long history of political policies would have told us that they wouldn’t get along.

    They have to get along for four years. They haven’t even been able to fake it for the first year. And who is paying for that? The American people.

    Meanwhile, if the communications teams can’t find even ground, we’re going to continue to hear about the bad messaging. And bad messaging means inaccurate information.

    Yet, Trump is the one who got kicked off of Twitter for false information.

    Let the hypocrisy continue…

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