NYC Mayor Quotes Bible After Realizing How Bad His City Has Become


    Even if we don’t live in New York City, most of us realize that it has only become more violent and corrupt with time. Most of us also understand that much of that was allowed to happen because of its Democratic leaders, namely former socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio.

    And yet, it seems it’s just been in the last couple of months that the city’s new Mayor, Eric Adams, has come to that conclusion.

    According to a recent piece put out by the New York Post, Adams spoke about how the “scales fell from his eyes when he began reviewing internal city operations following his swearing-in moments after midnight on New Year’s Day.”

    This is a Bible reference from Acts 9:18. ESV identifies it as “And immediately something like scales fell from his eyes, and he regained his sight. Then he rose and was baptized.”

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    During his interview with the outlet, Adams said he had no idea how bad the city had gotten. Furthermore, he was “shocked” at what had gone on and what had even been done by city officials in the past.

    However, I find it a little hard to believe that he supposedly had no idea that the city had gotten that bad. For one, everyone else knows it, and I live thousands of miles away from NYC.

    Secondly, Adams has lived in the Big Apple all of his life, and for many of those years, he not only worked for the police department but was its captain. Surely, he had to see crime surging and rising to unimaginable levels over the years, especially since de Blasio put so many ‘soft on crime’ policies in place.

    Adams was also a city transit police at one point, which is yet another place where he would have seen massive amounts of crime as well as the worst the city had to offer.

    And yet, he claims he had no idea…

    I’m just not sure I buy that line. I mean, where has he been living, under a rock?

    Any native New Yorker would know that under the city’s previous mayors, before de Blasio, that is, things were much better. I remember the great metropolis it was under former Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who at that time was a Republican?

    It was clean, safe, and people could live most of their lives without fear of being killed in the street while walking their three-month-old baby, as a young mother just experienced this past week. And no, it wasn’t in what some might call a “bad part of town.”

    As reporters made clear, this was the Upper East Side.

    Now, as a former police officer, Adams ran his campaign to be mayor mainly on the idea that he would restore law and order to the city, that he would work to make criminals pay for their crimes instead of letting them walk.

    But so far, we haven’t seen much on the front, except for his ranting at the mouth about gun control. It is noted that the state of New York already has some of the most stringent gun laws in the nation. And yet, few places have more gun crimes than NYC.

    For me, that’s all the proof I need that more gun control laws are not what is required. In fact, fewer of them might work better. Note that states like Maine, where little to no gun laws exist, are the safest in the nation. Why? Because just about everyone could be carrying a gun, which makes criminals nervous.

    New York, however, has made it so hard to legally own a gun that it seems only criminals have them. And we all know they aren’t being used just “self-defense.”

    But it’s early in Adams’ tenure as mayor. As he’s already proved, he has actually noticed how bad things have gotten. According to him, he spent much of those early months as mayor scouring over reports and learning every single detail he could.

    That’s a good sign. The question is what he’ll do with all that knowledge of the rot that has overtaken the city.

    Will he actually roll back guidance that makes it easier for criminals to act? Or will he follow in the footsteps of his predecessor and make things just easier for himself? In either case, the people of New York clearly need and want a change. He had better choose wisely, lest he finds himself without a job.

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