Arizona Governor Signs Bill Designed To Help Build Border Wall


    Former President Donald Trump had done the unthinkable and was able to secure the southern border. He was able to get the flow of people reduced to a trickle and was even able to start building a wall that was able to keep illegals out of the country. And all along the way, the Democrats fought him because they believed an open border was essential so illegals and criminals could walk into the country.

    The Democrats knew they had to do something to prevent Donald Trump from making America great again. They devised a way to cheat their way back into power. They were able to cover up their steps so no one could piece together the larger plan that allowed a crazy old man to rise to power and take over the White House. And now, the country is in peril because of the millions of illegals allowed to walk right into the country.

    Crazy old Joe Biden has proven that he does not care about the country. He would, instead, put Americans last and put the rest of the world first. And that is why Republican governors in conservative states are stepping up to the plate and fighting back to stop Biden’s silent takeover and destruction of the United States.

    The latest governor to join the ranks is Doug Ducey from Arizona. He has had enough of the illegals crossing into his state and causing harm to the people that he is charged with protecting and serving. He recently signed a bill that will send millions of dollars to build a border wall along the Mexican border.

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    The crisis at the southern border has affected the American way of life for people who live along the border. Biden’s first duty is to protect those people, but he has failed in that duty. So, now, the governors are stepping up and doing the job that the president refuses to do.

    The Daily Wire reported that Ducey’s office had approved “$335 million in state cash ‘to construct and maintain a border fence, purchase or install border security technologies, and to pay associated administrative costs. The state budget’s border funding contains $209 million in funding for border-related enforcement. That includes a new jail in Cochise County and payments for local prosecutors and transportation. It also has $45 million for emergency operations and ‘fusion’ centers and $54 million in cash for local sheriff’s offices.’”

    Ducey’s administration is beefing up the security at the border and allowing new fencing to be installed in areas where the illegals are moving through. He is also teaming up with law enforcement by providing them with more funding to increase security at the border.

    Governor Greg Abbott from Texas has already issued the funds for his state to build a similar wall along the border of Texas and Mexico. Both states are doing what the federal government should be doing and protecting the country. But Biden is not a person who stands with America because he has thrown his allegiance to those who want to destroy America and reduce the country to a failed socialist state.

    The border crisis is the worst the nation has seen in over two decades. More illegals have tried to cross into the country in the past year. And that number will only rise as long as Biden sits in office. His administration is clueless about what it means to be an American as they work against the things that make America the country it is today.

    Ducey is just one of several Republican governors taking steps to secure their states and, ultimately, the country. The chaos that the old man in Washington has created is a picture of the type of president he will be known as in history.

    Donald Trump had a vision of making America great and protecting the people. Something that he swore an oath to do. Joe Biden has broken his oath to serve and protect the people by joining forces with the illegals and the criminals flooding into the country.

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