Tesla Dodges Massive Lawsuit but Another Trial Awaits


    The Democratic Party has flooded the culture with the notion that racism is alive and well in America. They continue to tell younger generations that the color of one’s skin will keep them from achieving greatness and realizing the American Dream. And every time something does not go their way, they immediately cry racism and seek financial payment for the so-called pain and suffering that their liberal mind has endured.

    There are instances where racism and slurring occur, and it needs to be dealt with. But when the person seeks out massive amounts of money simply because of another person’s comment is liberal greed. The nastiness is seen in a court case involving Tesla and a man named Owen Diaz.

    Mr. Diaz used to work at the Tesla plant in California. His job was to operate an elevator at the plant. He claimed that he was a victim of racial abuse from his coworkers. He hired some lawyers and decided to take Tesla to court, seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for his mental pain.

    Diaz and his team of lawyers would win his case and be awarded $137 million by a jury. The judge involved in the case would reduce that amount to $15 million. Common sense would dictate that the amount of money awarded by the judge would be enough to set Mr. Diaz up for life. But greed would set in, and Diaz and his lawyers would reject the offer and demand a new jury trial.

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    The lawyers working for Diaz believed that the lower amount of money would not be enough to keep the name-calling from happening again. In one sense, they are correct because the people involved in the name-calling are not the ones being forced to pay the money. $15 million is an insane amount for being called a few names while on the job.

    Diaz’s lawyers reported, “In rejecting the court’s excessive reduction by asking for a new trial, Mr. Diaz is again asking a jury of his peers to evaluate what Tesla did to him and to provide just compensation for the torrent of racist slurs that were directed at him.”

    Diaz targeted the wrong people with his lawsuit. If he was genuinely concerned about the verbal abuse he endured and wanted it stopped, he should have gone after the other workers involved in the name-calling. But his eye was on the bigger prize of millions of dollars, and only Tesla could pay his ransom demand.

    NBC News reported that “U.S. District Judge William Orrick lowered the jury award, which was one of the largest of its kind in a discrimination lawsuit, to $15 million in April. He had also denied Tesla’s motion for a new trial, conditioned on Diaz’s acceptance of the lower award.”

    Judge Orrick saw through the greed and limited the choices that Diaz had. It was not that he lost the case, but the amount of money he sought was lowered. He could have accepted the money and walked away as a millionaire. But that was not good enough for him. He wanted all the money and refused to accept the ruling. Now, he will have to go through another trial where he could lose everything.

    Tesla has been the target of several lawsuits dealing with discrimination and sexual harassment. The accusers want to make it seem that the company tolerates such behavior. But Tesla reported that they have policies and rules to keep those things from happening. They follow federal law and have ways for people to deal with the issues as they come up.

    Diaz branded his fellow workers and boss as people who attacked him because of the color of his skin. Whatever happened during those nine months does not justify the massive amounts of money Diaz is seeking. Judge Orrick reduced the ruling and, by so doing, made a statement that abuse in the workplace is wrong but so is seeking financial payment beyond reasonable expectations.

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