Biden’s Gas Vacation Tax Won’t Benefit Consumers…Here It Is in Dollars and No Sense


    As Americans are sticking more of their paychecks into thirsty gas tanks, all eyes are focused on Joe Biden…who’s blaming everyone but himself. In response to the outrage, Biden came up with a plan that gives cause to the naked-eyed consumer to pop some bubbly, but in remaining true to form, his plan is smoke, mirrors, and plainly, idiotic. 

    Biden proposed a tax break holiday at the pump for 90 days as temporary protection from the slings and arrows he’s been dodging. Since everyone knows how high gas taxes are, this seems like a reasonable compromise, but is it really? How much moola are we talking about?

    Sorry, but outside of ‘Bidenland’ reality still takes precedence. It’s saying that consumers would be last in line to see any savings if they saw much at all. Biden’s rabbit may be fooling some, but almost everyone in DC is tired of his hat tricks.

    The tax holiday would require that money be taken out of Biden’s platinum-plated infrastructure law that he campaigned on, and it would drive the stake further into the heart of the Democratic Party come November.

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    Brace yourself. The tax suspension would save consumers roughly 18 cents a gallon and around a quarter per gallon for diesel fuel. Once again deflecting blame, Biden claimed he’s proposing his plan “to provide direct relief to American consumers who have been hit with Putin’s price hike.”

    With no authority to suspend state gasoline taxes, all the old man can do is beg them to cooperate. But some states, and even some major cities, got tired of waiting on the president and have instituted their own plans.

    Chicago is already issuing $50 public transit cards and sending $150 gas cards to every registered driver in the city, and California is on the verge of dishing out $400 monthly to every vehicle owner in the state.

    When it comes to raising and/or spending America’s money, Congress rules the roost and they aren’t too fond of Biden’s chicken feed. He’s gotten a sparse handful of Democrats to chow down but the rest are fasting until he can throw more on the plate. His puny plan needs to bulk up.

    Hell froze over when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and golden boy Chuck Schumer rejected the plan. They said the tax holiday wouldn’t do squat for consumers while it could plausibly increase the record profits already being realized by oil companies that are untruthfully claiming there’s no gouging going on.

    Biden’s on the losing end of the rope, but should he be foolish enough to sign an executive order, consumers would save only $3 based on the average $75 it now takes to fill an average sedan’s 15-gallon gas tank based on a cost of $4.98 per gallon. Holy windfall, Batman.  

    Perhaps the high cost of gas is but the small price we need to pay to run Biden out of town on a rail. It may help lessen the sting to consider it this way. Nothing’s free. 

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