NBC News’ Chuck Todd Continues to Flounder as His Show Attempts to Book a Member Who Passed


    The decision to send Todd’s program out to pasture is starting to make sense.

    It has been a tough go of things for Chuck Todd over the past few weeks. Increasingly, MSNBC programs are seeing plummeting ratings, from the newcomers like Symone Sanders to the more established lineup. Then, the man who often bristles at the idea the press is partisan-while stumping favorably for Joe Biden on the regular-had a bit of reckoning himself with his own show this week.

    The host of Meet The Press (which airs on the broadcast network Sundays) also has a weekday entry, entitled MTP Daily (MTPD), and it too has been facing eroding ratings in 2022. Recent numbers show it holds one of the few timeslots on the network that comes in behind CNN. As a result, our Sister Toldjah let us know in May, the decision was made to have Chuck outcast to the streaming platform. MTPD made its debut on the NBC News NOW service this week, and judging by a recent item, it is not getting any better.

    Zack Brown, a former communications director for Rep. Don Young of Alaska, let it be known that Todd’s program recently reached out to him with an interview request to schedule. As you see, Brown cordially declined the invite.

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    Now, you might have picked up on the detail that I noted: Brown is the former comms guy for Rep. Young. There is a valid reason for this resume adjustment, and I’ll let Zack explain the detail.

    So yes, we have a case where Chuck Todd’s production staff attempted to reach out to a politician who is no longer with us on this earthly plane. It’s bad enough to make this in error, but how can a program be daft enough to miss this news-when it was Todd’s very own program that featured the man in tribute after his passing?

    I suppose we can allow that there is some upheaval and confusion taking place, with the program’s switch over to the new platform. There is a probability that new staff was put in place, or the manpower has been trimmed down and those unfamiliar with the booking process are now learning the ropes, on top of prior work assignments.

    But this is still a bad look for a show that is struggling to begin with, and making its premiere on a new platform. It not only comes off looking like a minor league move, but it would appear to justify upper management making the decision to send Todd and his show to this outpost location. When you lack the attention to detail that causes you to invite the deceased for an interview, the late Rep. Young may not be the only casualty – your program may also be dead in the water.

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