Washington Post Reporter Learns Why You Never Apologize to the Mob


    As RedState reported on Friday, Dave Weigel, a reporter for The Washington Post, found himself in hot water recently after retweeting a rather mild joke about women. In it, the statement is made that “every girl is bi, you just have to figure out whether it’s polar or sexual.”

    That led to immediate outrage, not just from woke lefties on Twitter, but from one of Weigel’s colleagues at the Post. Felicia Sonmez, whose bio describes her as a national political reporter, stated “Fantastic to work at an outlet where tweets like this are allowed!”

    That led to Weigel deleting the retweet and apologizing. Soon enough, he learned that you never apologize to the mob.

    Things went so far that Weigel’s superiors at the Post also publicly chastized him. Oliver Darcy, part of CNN’s potato squad, shared the statement. “Editors have made it clear to the staff that the tweet was reprehensible and demeaning language [and] actions like that will not be tolerated.”

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    All this over a joke that was worthy of nothing more than an eye roll if one didn’t like it. Instead, because the national media is filled with the most fragile hypocrites in existence, a freak-out ensued.

    I’ll mention that Felicia Sonmez had jack to say when her co-worker, Taylor Lorenz did something objectively harmful and unethical by doxxing Libs of TikTok and purposely leaving out context, but she’s there to police jokes when the time comes. You see, it’s fine for Lorenz to lie about people and stalk their family members (Note: Lorenz is currently caught up in another journalism ethics scandal that required her employer to offer numerous corrections).

    But don’t you dare retweet a PG-rated joke about women or the wrath will be visited upon you. Further, your “allies” will then sit idly by while others pile on and insinuate that you should be fired. Again, this is why you don’t apologize to the mob.

    In the end, though, people who work for the Post are making an active decision to do so knowing that the higher-ups promote this kind of hostile environment for its employees. So at some point, I don’t feel bad for anyone who suffers under that regime. Weigel may have felt a moral imperative to apologize, and that’s fine. But he should also be aware that it’s going to earn him nothing but more scorn, as has been illustrated. No amount of knee bending will ever be enough for the woke scolds, and to continue to try to appease them is an exercise in stupidity.

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