WIN: Computer Repairman Forces Media to Make Important Admission About Hunter Biden Laptop


    When the story broke about the Hunter Biden laptop that had been left at the computer repair shop with John Paul Mac Isaac, many in the media did all they could to attack the story. They called it Russian disinformation, hacked — even stolen information. As a result, Mac Isaac was threatened, his business was destroyed, and he went into hiding. He lost everything for caring about his country and doing the right thing, by turning it over to the FBI. He also gave a copy to Rudy Giuliani, who gave it to the NY Post.

    The liberal media didn’t care about the truth. All they seemed to care about was suppressing any information that might hurt Joe Biden’s campaign.

    But Mac Isaac is fighting back. As we reported, earlier in May he filed a lawsuit against Rep. Adam Schiff, CNN, the Daily Beast, and Politico for specific instances in which he was smeared and which he contends led to the harassment and harm to his business.

    It seems like we rarely see any liberal or Democrat being held to account in this current environment. But it looks like Mac Isaac may have just done that, at least with the Daily Beast. The Daily Beast wrote a story in December 2020, after it came out that Hunter Biden was under investigation by the FBI. In that story, they claimed that the laptop was “stolen” Now, the Daily Beast has issued an apology to Mac Isaac in the form of an “Editor’s note” to the story.

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    “An earlier version of this story mistakenly referred to Hunter Biden’s laptop as ‘stolen.’ We have removed that word, and we apologize to Mr. Mac Isaac for the error,” the editor’s note reads.

    It’s not clear yet if the apology came with any settlement money as a result, although such apologies often do. The Daily Beast hasn’t responded to Fox’s request for comment on that question. Fox has also reached out to Mac Isaac for comment. Mac Isaac certainly does deserve it, from such a blatantly false statement that was based on nothing. And now there’s an admission on record. They are of course only doing it because of the lawsuit, and that says a lot right there. They’ve known it was false for while; they could have joined, even with the very late media that was coming around to the truth over the past few months. What does that say — that you have to be forced into telling the truth when that’s supposed to be your alleged job?

    We’ll likely find out if there was a settlement payout, although sometimes part of the deal is not to talk about it. The most important thing to Mac Isaac is likely the apology, and to restore his good name and get the truth out there. But now the fun begins, as he continues the lawsuit to hold the rest accountable

    The one we need to get the popcorn out for the most is Adam Schiff, when he tries to justify his lies. Schiff told CNN without any evidence, “Well we know that this whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin. That’s been clear for well over a year now that they’ve been pushing this false narrative about the Vice President and his son.”

    Schiff, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, “has some explaining” to do, Mac Isaac insisted.

    “Without any intel, the head of the intel committee decided to share with CNN and its viewers a complete and utter lie,” Mac Isaac said. “A lie issued in the protection of a preferred presidential candidate.”

    Start explaining, Adam.

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