Hunter Biden Takes Advice and Financial Loans From Esteemed South Park Lawyer


    As the days go by, the scandals surrounding Hunter Biden only get worse as more information becomes public, and more that was already public is finally accepted by mainstream media. In response to this, Hunter has been looking for the best steps to not only protect himself but to ensure daddy isn’t under the microscope any more than he already is. This block of the truth to save face is something the American people are tired of seeing from this administration.

    His latest move has been to align with South Park lawyer Kevin Morris. Best known for the $550 million deal he crafted for creators of South Park Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Morris also is a Tony award winner for his co-production of the duo’s musical “The Book of Mormon”. Working with Hunter, he now takes on the role of crafting his legal and media strategies going forward. Sources close to Morris claim he also paid off the $1 million tax debt Hunter owed so he can continue to focus on his painting out in LA.

    Morris has been widely regarded by A-list celebrities as one of the best people to work with in Hollywood. His connections and abilities to get studios to listen to his negotiations are incredibly well known throughout the entertainment landscape. He has also written numerous pieces of fiction as well as produced very highly regarded documentaries. He also is responsible for another big deal for Parker and Stone, landing them a $900 million contract with MTV Entertainment Studios.

    Now, Morris isn’t doing this out of the goodness of his heart. He has also been working on a documentary about Hunter Biden that focuses on his life since he became a target for TV commentary and faced congressional investigations. If this truly is a documentary, then he should be proving Hunter’s guilt beyond any doubt. The evidence is all there, and while he has to help Hunter, documentaries like this either are fully authentic and, then, Hunter is screwed, or he is going to manipulate the truth and lose all credibility.

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    These kinds of investigations get incredibly personal, and that is something Morris is looking to bank on. Hunter and his daddy should prove to be a goldmine because the two have a cemetery’s load of skeletons in their closets. By exposing the truth behind their misdeeds, Morris has the opportunity to ensure the American people get the truth about what has truly happened since sleepy Joe took office, and in the years leading up to it.

    For the moment, we are stuck waiting on the truth to come out. Considering how much there is to sift through, the potential trials coming up will be very interesting for Hunter as well as the American people. There is no doubt that he is an incorrigible clown who has used his last name to open doors that people like him should never have access to. Yet somehow nobody has had the spin to show him the door.

    While the average American finds themselves on the carpet if they are behind on taxes or have drug allegations levied against them, Hunter has been given nothing but small conversations and letters telling him not to do this again. The evidence on his laptop would have put anyone else on trial by now. They would most likely be sitting behind bars as they await trial, if not already sentenced. Somehow, the Biden name has prevented him from tasting justice for his actions, and Morris is one of the best to ensure he won’t have to either.

    At the very minimum, we can take solace in knowing that Parker and Stone will end up making a massive joke out of this in the years to come. There is just too much not to joke about it.

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