When Mayorkas Tells Us Not to Worry About That Disinformation Board–Start Worrying


    Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas hit the Sunday shows trying to sell the Disinformation Governance Board that he’s in charge of, which the Biden Administration announced this week, following the announcement that Elon Musk would be buying Twitter.

    The announcement about the Board has created such a furor in response, Mayorkas has been delegated to clean it up and describe it as something that we need not fear. It’s a good thing, you see, according to Mayorkas, despite what you might think about the government determining what constitutes “disinformation.”

    Mayorkas hit CNN’s “State of the Union” with Dana Bash,” NBC’s “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd, and “Fox News Sunday” with Bret Baier.

    Bash asked him on exactly what the Board will do.

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    Mayorkas said, “The fact is that disinformation that creates a threat to the security of the homeland is our responsibility to address.” This still leaves the problem that the government is determining what constitutes “disinformation,” so Bash pressed him on it.

    Mayorkas said the board will be an internal “working group” that looks at “best practices” (what exactly are best practices for government determining what disinformation is, when they’re not supposed to be doing that?) and communicating it to the “operators.” Who are the “operators” and what are they doing?

    It sounds like he’s playing word games. It’s the DHS which is an enforcement arm of the government, and the operators are the “enforcers.”

    Then, he blew any remaining credibility he may have had by claiming that Nina Jankowicz, the person who would head this Ministry of Truth, was “eminently qualified” and “absolutely” neutral politically.

    We already know what a lie that is, based on what we have seen of her social media posts and background. As we previously reported, she herself pushed false information about the Hunter Biden laptop. Here’s just a reminder of who we’re talking about as the head of this board — this nutty person, who thinks that there hasn’t been enough censorship on social media.

    Bash asked if President Donald Trump got back in office, whether he would still be in favor of such a thing. Mayorkas avoids the question and gives a ‘through the looking-glass’ response — that the board would actually “safeguard speech.” Does anyone believe that?

    Bret Baier plumbed how they were going to determine what disinformation was by asking Mayorkas a great question. “Was the Steele Dossier disinformation?” Baier asked.

    Mayorkas just skewered the alleged purpose of his board by saying that it wasn’t up to him to determine that. So if it isn’t, then you’re saying you don’t even know what disinformation is while claiming to be addressing it.

    Let’s also remember what was said about the Board already, by Mayorkas and Jen Psaki – that it was about preventing the “disinformation” from spreading around the country in a range of communities. So, how does that not involve Americans and the information that they are absorbing and sharing?

    They’re just full of it and backpedaling at this point, trying to find an acceptable way to phrase it.

    Here’s another thing. Aren’t these the same folks who went along with a phony story about their own DHS border patrol agents whipping illegal aliens while on horseback? Why, yes, they are. There was such a furor over the false story, Mayorkas — who had initially stood with his people — said there would be a formal investigation, despite the fact the agents had done no such thing and that was evident on the video and from the photographer who took the pictures. Joe Biden and other Democrats lied about the agents. How did the DHS do with that disinformation? They never said it was a lie, and while they cleared them of any criminal wrongdoing, they’re still being investigated internally. That’s ridiculous. But these are the folks who want to tell us what disinformation is? They are masters of it.

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