Shock Poll: 81 Percent of Voters Don’t Want Joe Biden to Run Again


    A disastrous poll for Joe Biden shows that only 19 percent of respondents thought he should run for re-election to the presidency in 2024, while only seven percent hoped that Kamala Harris would. Worse still for the pair, a huge 28 percent of the 981 polled registered voters said they were “not sure” who should be the Democratic candidate. Bernie Sanders shuffles in right after Kamala with six percent, and… wait for it… Hillary Clinton at four percent. No. Just no.

    The poll was released by Issues & Insights/TIPP on Monday. It concludes:

    Just 19% of those responding answered “Joe Biden, 46th president of the United States.” The rest of the choices were spread among 18 candidates, along with “other” (6%) and “not sure” (28%). Put another way, 81% of Americans don’t want Biden to run again.

    Eighty-one percent. I’m trying to think of another word besides “brutal.” My handy-dandy thesaurus suggests, “merciless,” “savage,” “severe” and “harsh.” Yup. All those words apply.

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    Other names on the list: former First Lady Michelle Obama (six percent), former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton (four percent), former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (three percent), and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg (three percent).

    Joe’s day didn’t get any better after that, though. Another poll released Monday–this one from the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School–shows that his approval rating among young people aged 19-29 cratered an ugly 18 percent from last year. It’s now down to 41 percent.

    Biden’s national polling was already in the dumpster, with a Friday Gallup poll revealing historically-low presidential approval levels.

    According to Gallup:

    The prospects for significant improvement in Biden’s job approval ratings before the fall midterms seem dim not only because of the historical record for second-year presidents, but because his approval ratings have been stuck in the low 40s for eight months.

    Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain however seems to think Emanuel Macron’s re-election to the presidency of France brings hope:

    RedState’s Nick Arama blows that hope out of the water, writing:

    No, Biden isn’t going to win with the approval numbers or the deteriorating brain he has now — no matter how much Klain spins. Thirty-six percent in France isn’t the same as in America. But, Ron Klain is not only acknowledging people hate Biden; he thinks it isn’t going to matter. How dismissive of the opinion of the people can you be? But that’s the Joe Biden that we’ve come to know.

    The Biden administration’s “list of accomplishments” is long: the chaotic and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan, the lies about the border patrol whipping incident, soaring inflation, the list goes on.

    What’s clear is that voters are seeing what’s happening to our country, and they’re not happy. It might be time to find someone new to run for the presidency on the Democratic ticket in 2024, because no one from the current potential pool can even poll close to “not sure.”

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