Biden Get Snippy and Is ‘Full’ of It During Remarks on UPenn


    Ah, Joe Biden.

    He’s a constant font of the made-up stories. This isn’t even a new attribute; it’s something he’s been doing all of his political life. He was making up things about himself when he first ran for president in 1988 and claimed things that weren’t true about his academic record. He had to drop out for lying and plagiarizing. Unfortunately, we had some sense then — not as much now.

    But Biden was at it again on Thursday. He was speaking in North Carolina about infrastructure. But then he claimed he had been a “full professor” at the University of Pennsylvania for four years. That’s just not true.

    A full professor has a very specific meaning — it’s the highest rank of professor and means you’ve done not only your teaching but your research as well. It’s something that both of my parents worked very hard to achieve, so I resent people just hijacking the title when they didn’t earn it.

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    Joe Biden was given an honorary position at UPenn after he was vice president, between 2017 and 2019. He visited the campus a few times and made a few speeches. That is not what is ordinarily understood as being a “full professor.”

    He did use the opportunity to push his book, though.

    From NY Post:

    According to a compilation of Biden appearances by the Daily Pennsylvanian, Biden visited campus at least nine times. One of the visits was a November 2017 event promoting his book “Promise Me, Dad.”

    The other Biden visits included Q&As with UPenn administrators, one lecture to Wharton business school graduate students and public events with former Mexican President Felipe Calderon and former UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

    While he didn’t do a lot, he did get almost $1 million for it.

    On Thursday, Biden wasn’t appealing enough to the people he was giving his remarks — so he had to encourage them to cheer.

    Then he got into an exchange with a woman, in which he claimed he was “Professor Biden from Penn.” Biden stops her from whatever position she was taking to — I guess — say he has validity for what he is saying because he is a “Professor.”

    She goes right back at him, “You’re the President.” He says, no, he’s Professor Biden from Penn.

    But that wasn’t the only person he got snippy with on Thursday. Before he took off on Air Force One, a reporter asked him if he was going to be sending any administration officials to Ukraine. Now, multiple countries have sent people. Most notably, Boris Johnson went and met with President Volodymyr Zelensky. Biden didn’t like the question and snapped back at the reporter, asking if she wanted to be sent there.

    Heck, given how Biden and Kamala Harris deal with foreign trips, the reporter probably would do a better job. But what a snotty response from Biden — that’s classic Biden. He seemed to say he was ready to go, but when he was in Poland, he had said that “they” wouldn’t let him go, even though he wanted to go.

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