Elon Musk Has Twitter Employees Hyperventilating After His Latest Move


    If you’ve been following the story of Elon Musk buying 9.2 percent of Twitter’s shares, making him the company’s largest shareholder, you’ve been privy to the various twists and turns that have occurred.

    After news broke of the big move, speculation ran wild over what Musk’s plan was. That question seemed to be answered after current Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal announced that the Tesla owner was going to join Twitter’s board. That would cap Musk’s ability to buy shares at just above 14% but would theoretically give him some voice in the decision-making of the social media company.

    But out of nowhere, things suddenly changed. Agrawal put out a statement on Monday saying that Musk would not, in fact, be joining the board. There was no further explanation given (only that it was Musk’s decision), but some suspected that the billionaire was positioning himself for a hostile takeover, something that wouldn’t be possible if his shares were capped well under a majority stake.

    That ambiguity has reportedly led to much hyperventilating among Twitter’s employee base. Per The New York Post citing a report from Bloomberg, support groups are forming and employees are fearful of what will come next.

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    The uncertainty left Twitter workers feeling “super stressed” about the future, with employees reportedly “working together to help each other get through the week.”

    The report cited interviews with Twitter employees who asked not to be identified while discussing the company’s inner workings. Several employees told the outlet that Twitter’s internal environment was a “s-t-show” after Musk’s deal with the board fell through.

    One Twitter employee griped that Musk was likely ‘just getting started” with pushing for change at the company – a development the worker described as “unfortunate,” according to Bloomberg.

    Imagine being so emotionally unstable that you freak out over the possibility that Elon Musk might make Twitter more libertarian in regards to free speech. It’s not like he’s looking to come in and fundamentally change what the social media company does. His only stated goal, to this point at least, is to make sure people have a right to say things (within very wide bounds, at least) they believe.

    Yet, for the scores of liberals that work for the company, that’s enough to give them hives. It’s all so silly when you step back and think about it.

    It’s not surprising, though. Those that work for these tech companies are typically brought up in a very specific culture beginning in college. Not only are they conditioned to not tolerate opposing viewpoints, but they are also taught to view that opposition as dangerous. If you don’t think a man can become a woman, you are deemed an existential threat and are treated as such. Thus, they see Elon Musk not just as a businessman making a business decision, but as an enemy of their entire worldview.

    Of course, that’s deranged, as a company like Twitter exists to make money, paying employees and shareholders. It does not exist to make woke liberals feel better about themselves. Yet, modern corporate culture has allowed the inmates to run the asylum and this is the result.

    There’s nothing normal about this kind of hysterical immaturity being shown by adults. If I worked for a company and Hillary Clinton bought 9.2 percent of it, I wouldn’t like that, but I wouldn’t need smelling salts and a support circle either. Why? Because I’m a grown man and freaking out like a pre-pubescent child over something so mundane is a ridiculous thing to do.

    And while I’d love to say these employees will grow out of such behavior, it’s clear they won’t. Conservatives made a huge mistake over the last several decades assuming that far-leftism was just a university fad that wouldn’t spill over into the workplace. Unfortunately, that battle was lost. Now, it’s up to people like Musk to retake ground and re-establish some semblance of normalcy back in the corporate world. Let’s hope he has the will to do so.

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