WATCH: Biden Appears to Doze off in Middle of Ceremony While Standing Up


    As we previously reported, Joe Biden got into some trouble Saturday during the commissioning of a submarine, the USS Delaware. During the ceremony when Biden was speaking he seemed to be confused as to who had been Vice President. Hint: it was you, Joe. Not Michelle Obama or your wife.

    I think he was talking about his wife being Vice President, although, grammatically, the “she” should refer back to Michelle Obama. Jill was who he was talking about.

    I want to take the time now to thank the White House for a couple of things. First, they focused the camera on Jill Biden as he was talking about her, likely to show the “devoted spouse” look. But they managed to capture the look on her face right at that moment, and it’s something. You can almost hear her exasperation, and you can see her drop her mouth in what looks like a sigh. Check it out at 45:58 on the White House video.

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    Here’s the look.

    Can you imagine the discussion about that, when they leave and go home? I don’t think it’s going to be pretty.

    It’s also a bit odd that Biden was introducing her during the event, and not the other way around — but I guess that makes sense, since she was the Vice President.

    Now, the White House has gotten into the habit of having to clean up after Joe Biden, and they were right there in this instance, to change what he said on the White House transcript, crossing out the “she” and replacing it with an “I” to note that yes, Joe was the Vice President.

    Biden also seemed to slur his words during his remarks at points, but there’s not much the transcript can do to rescue that.

    Joe Biden even appeared to doze off while standing up and having to hold a salute during the gun salute part of the event. Watch at about 12:30 on the White House video, as his eyes are closed and he appears to drift off. You can also just see a clip of it here.

    Once again, we’re hearing calls for the 25th Amendment, with people overseas even concerned about America’s solidity, especially at this critical time with a war in Europe, as Niles Gardiner of the Telegraph observes.

    It’s long since time Biden retired. Everyone knows it, but they’re just too concerned about their hold on power to even address it. But the fact that they are willing to risk the security of America this way is shameful, and they should all be turned out of office in November.

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