Biden Demonstrates Just How Much the WH Is Lying About Him


    The White House has now spent several days cleaning up after Joe Biden’s comments in Europe. Now, they’re having to clean up after the clean-up.

    On Monday, Biden claimed that he hadn’t told the American troops that they were going to Ukraine. He claimed that he was talking about them “training” Ukrainians in Poland. That created a stir, because it sounded like Biden had just revealed that the U.S. was training Ukrainians in Poland, something they had previously denied. The White House then walked that back, saying he didn’t mean “training” (despite what he said) — that he meant interacting.

    On Tuesday, White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield responded when asked about it, but couldn’t explain why Biden now first talked about tanks — suggesting it was Ukraine — and then changed it to “training” Ukrainian troops.

    She just tried to say he was talking about “interacting” with Ukrainians. But that isn’t all that he said, either time. So basically, his team is asking us not to take anything he says literally at any given moment, because he may not mean it, and it may have to be changed or walked back.

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    Bedingfield just continued to duck and not answer the questions. But then she said something which, on some level, is truly terrifying: only Joe Biden is in control of what Joe Biden says.

    First, it would be terrifying if that were true, as Biden seems not to even know what is happening half the time. Not exactly who you want in charge.

    But it’s not true, otherwise, you wouldn’t have all these efforts to try to control what he says or press access to him. They’re always working to prevent the next gaffe. If it were true, you wouldn’t need to prepare a full-on script for him to follow, as we saw on Monday. And even the,n he still messed it up.

    Check out this part where it shows how he’s following the script. If they were his own words, he wouldn’t have to check and read the notes. See how dependent he is on the notes.

    The problem is ,even with a script, he still can’t follow it — he’s that far gone. And these folks, like Bedingfield, will just spin and lie their heads off. They expect you just to take it; they’re that ridiculous with the lies at this point. And they wonder why no one trusts what they have to say?

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