White House and Media Suffer Whiplash With Effort to Cover Biden’s Latest Putin Mistake


    Looks like that White Hosue effort to remake Joe Biden once again crashed on the rocks.

    They wanted to have him make a Reagan-like speech against Vladimir Putin. But as with anything Joe Biden, he said something that got him in trouble. During the speech, as we reported, he seemed to encourage regime change against Putin. “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power!”

    The media was immediately touting it.

    The Ukrainian media and German media were all over it.

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    But the White House knew what a mistake he’d made — that it would be viewed as Biden advocating regime change — and that it would inflame the situation; that Putin would likely use it as a propaganda point showing that the U.S. was trying to get rid of him and that would make things even worse. It also might be implying they were taking action that they weren’t willing to take. So they immediately tried to unring the bell and walk it back.

    So now they have to explain to the rest of the world: Whoops, he didn’t mean that — we’re going to try to say it means something other than what he said.

    Instead of having the Reagan-like speech that they’d hoped for, they once again had a mess. This was the third time on this trip alone that they had to clean up after Biden, but this one was even more public given how they hyped and highlighted the speech. Previously, they had to clean up him saying that the U.S. would respond “in-kind” if Russia did a chemical attack. They also had to spin him telling the 82nd Airborne that they would see people in the streets fighting for freedom, standing against tanks, apparently referring to Ukraine. The White House had to say, no, Biden wasn’t sending troops to Ukraine, despite what Biden said. He also said that “some of you (troops) have been there,” something else likely to set off Russia and endanger the American troops in Poland.

    After the White House came out to clean it up, the media almost suffered whiplash in an effort to justify the clean-up.

    MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski tried to phrase it as Biden keeping the Russians guessing.

    More like keeping his own communications team guessing and having apoplexies over how to cover the mess.

    The White House tried to spin a bit more. The White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain retweeted Ben Rhodes. You know you’re getting low when you have to rely upon Ben Rhodes to help you spin.

    But honest media know that this was all a problem.

    It’s hard to see how this is good when you hand Putin the propaganda point he’s been pushing to his people. That could make Putin more recalcitrant to talk peace because he’s now received confirmation, in his mind, that we do want to take him out. This is the great danger of having Biden in the office.

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