WH Does Everything It Can to Deflect When Asked About Hunter’s Laptop


    We’ve known since 2020 that the Hunter Biden laptop was real. But liberal media did all they could to downplay the reality of it, even when you had video of Hunter on the laptop engaged in all kinds of disreputable things, because it was October 2020, just before the election and they wanted Joe Biden to win. You even had Twitter doing all they could to bury the story and block the URL of the NY Post story being spread on the platform. They variously tried to claim they were doing it because it was “hacked” material (it wasn’t) and/or that it was “Russian disinformation.”

    As I wrote at the time, they even locked then-White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany out of her Twitter account for daring to share the story. It should be noted that one aspect of the story at the time was that it proved that Joe Biden had lied about knowing nothing about his son’s business because one of the emails showed that Hunter had introduced a Ukrainian businessman, an adviser on the board of Burisma, to his father.

    This effort to shut down the story was blatant election interference. This was the real election interference, unlike the fake Russia collusion hoax story that the Democrats helped to promote. And this interference made a difference. As I previously reported, there was a statistically significant number of people — 4.6 percent who voted for Biden — who said afterward that had they known about this information beforehand, they would not have voted for him. So the media got what they wanted, while the U.S. and the world are worse for it.

    The NY Times, on Thursday, announced they had confirmed that the laptop and emails were real, two years later. Nice that they finally got around to what we already knew — what a great accomplishment.

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    So, will they do real journalism that they didn’t do before and ask Joe Biden about the laptop as well as the connections with Ukraine, Russia, and China? How about why Biden has denied the reality of this for two years? As I covered previously, Biden made a bizarre comment about naked blackmail on Wednesday, and it brought back another story — one of the videos of Hunter allegedly saying to a prostitute that Russians might have blackmail on him. That’s extremely important at any time, but perhaps no time more important than now, with issues regarding Russia.

    Biden has avoided answering on this issue for long enough. Here he was in December 2020, telling Fox’s Peter Doocy that it was all Russian disinformation and Doocy was a “one-horse pony,” whatever that means.

    After the news broke about the NY Times story, the media finally asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, what does Biden have to say now? They’re asking about Biden’s position and she refuses to answer saying, “Hunter Biden doesn’t work for the government.” Talk about bad body language — look at how many times she’s blinking — she doesn’t want to answer this question at all.

    If he doesn’t work for the United States, why were they putting out a defense on his behalf on the Biden transition website (paid for by the government — in other words, taxpayers)? Why was the Biden Administration involved in the ethics of his art deal (meaning why were they inserting themselves to prevent buyers from being named to the public)? Why did Joe Biden falsely say the laptop/emails were Russian disinformation before when he had to know they were real? That’s on Joe, not Hunter.

    Hunter may not work for the government, but unfortunately, Joe does. Possible blackmail of his family and connections to foreign governments is important. Plus the emails aren’t only about Hunter but about Joe and alleged influence-peddling.

    They knew they were going to be asked this question and this is the best that they could come up with after all this time? That’s how bad you know it is — and that they have no real response if they were truly to be held to account on this.

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