Jill Biden’s Latest Rescue of Her Bumbling Husband Isn’t Cute — It’s Dangerous


    Yesterday was another banner day for Joe Biden’s cognitive inabilities. As RedState reported, he managed to bungle the announcement of Kamala Harris’ husband having COVID-19 no less than three different ways.

    Here’s what that looked like.

    Biden first says that the “First Lady’s husband contracted COVID,” apparently missing the fact that he’s the First Lady’s husband. Not even realizing his glaring misstep, Jill Biden has to interject from the sidelines in an attempt to rescue him. Yet, he then proclaims “She’s fine,” as if he had said the First Lady had contracted COVID. He then corrects himself to say “I’m fine,” before announcing the “Second Lady” has COVID.

    It was just a bumbling mess of performance, and while the crowd kept laughing, there was nothing actually funny about it. Instead, it illustrated just how dangerous it is to have a mental deficient in the White House who can’t even keep straight who the president is (Biden is the president, in case anyone was still as confused as him).

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    Right now, the economy is heading toward a possible recession once interest rates begin to rise soon. Gas prices are exploding, inflation is out of control, and hiring is inconsistent. If that’s not bad enough, America’s foreign policy is melting down on the world stage. Our Arab allies won’t take Biden’s phone calls, the Taliban rule Afghanistan, China is on the march toward Taiwan, and of course, Russia has invaded Europe.

    And after Kamala Harris completely faceplanted on the world stage during her recent trip to Europe, the last chance for sentient leadership is supposed to come from Joe Biden? Now, do you understand why I think it’s not cute that Jill Biden and others have to constantly correct his basic mistakes? Being president isn’t a game. It’s not just an empty position you can fill with a guy who needs to go to Delaware every week and can’t remember the names of his cabinet officials. Yet, that’s exactly what Democrats have foisted upon a nation that includes far too many gullible people who thought “norms” overrode competency and results.

    What happens when Biden goes to meet with NATO a little over a week from now and completely botches some major policy issue? You’d assume they just ignore him, but what does that say about the country he helms? What does it say about the United States’ ability to lead our allies and project strength? All of those things matter when it comes to keeping the world’s bad actors in line. There’s a reason Putin has only tried to take parts of Europe under administrations that include Biden.

    Something has to give here. I’m not suggesting Biden is so unhealthy that he’s going to die in office. I am suggesting that he’s clearly mentally unfit for the job. The honorable thing to do (remember, I’ve been assured he’s the “norms” president) would be to resign. If that doesn’t occur, then his cabinet officials need to look themselves in the mirror and decide how far below the waterline they want this ship to go before they speak out.

    As to Jill Biden, it’s just incredibly disturbing that her naked ambition, shown many times in no uncertain terms, overrode her ability to do what is right. Dragging her husband through the 2020 primary and election should qualify as elder abuse. Now, the nation is suffering the consequences.

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