Trump Lights Up Rally and Takes Biden to the Woodshed for His Weakness


    President Donald Trump held another “Save America” rally on Saturday. This time, he was in Florence, South Carolina, and thousands showed up in very cold weather to hear him speak.

    Some of the folks who spoke before Trump included South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, state Rep. Russell Fry, former state Rep. Katie Arrington, South Carolina GOP Chairman Drew McKissick, Brandon Judd, college football hall of fame Coach Lou Holtz, and entrepreneur Graham Allen.

    Trump went after the big topic of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, calling it a “terrible atrocity” that never would have happened under him. Then he noted that when he was in office, he didn’t get us into any wars, noting that it was his “personality” that “kept us out of war.”

    There’s a lot of truth to that, in that you would know he wasn’t afraid to respond and you wouldn’t necessarily know what that response would be. Unlike Joe Biden, who tells you ahead of time what’s off the table, so you know what threats you will never have to deal with and how weak that makes him.

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    Trump said it was a dangerous time to have someone in the office who was “physically and mentally challenged” like Biden.

    He also noted how Biden — instead of removing restrictions on energy production — was begging “on his knees” for oil from other countries including our enemies, when we are such an energy-rich country.

    Trump said even Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, the electric vehicle company, is saying the answer is to drill, but Biden is too beholden to the radical left.

    Trump took a little time to take note of the fact that he had been proven right yet again, when it came to how Germany was endangering NATO and the EU by making themselves reliant on Russian oil.

    Then he got down to one of the most important reasons for being there — pointing out how Republicans needed to win in November to beat back the radical Democrats. But first, they needed to weed out the RINOs in the primaries, Trump declared.

    Trump endorsed Katie Arrington, who was running against Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) in the primary, and he also endorsed Russell Fry against Rep. Tom Rice, who had voted to impeach Trump over Jan. 6.

    Trump also wanted one of the great wrongs of the COVID mandates rectified. Not only that all the mandates be done away with, but that every member of the military who was booted out because of it be reinstated.

    It sure sounds like he’s running — he already has a substantial list of things that he wants to get done.

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