The Left Hand Doesn’t Know What the Right Hand Is Doing in Biden Admin


    It’s hard to imagine an administration more in confusion than that of Joe Biden.

    We saw that in spades during the debacle of a withdrawal in Afghanistan. It cost the lives of 13 Americans and countless others as a result. Biden left Americans and allies to twist in the wind at the mercy of terrorists.

    Now, we see his handling of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and, once again, he doesn’t seem to know what he is doing.

    One excellent example of the disarray of his administration is what has been going on with the MiG-29 jets, which were supposed to be sent from Poland to Ukraine to help them create a no-fly zone. My colleague Streiff has detailed a lot of it.

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    First, the planes never should have been discussed in public, if they truly intended to get them to Ukraine, because that compromised their security. It would have been important to keep it under wraps, at least until the planes were safely in Ukraine. First, huge fail in the process.

    On Sunday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the deal had the green light from the U.S.

    Then Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said it was a no-go, contradicting Blinken. Kirby said this was not a “tenable” idea.

    But on Wednesday, the confusion continued, with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki saying, “I guess it’s a temporary breakdown in communication, but we have a strong and abiding relationship with Poland.”

    Temporary breakdown in communication is virtually every communication of the Biden Administration. That seems to be the constant state they exist in.

    “And that is the issue that is operational, and we’re still discussing,” Psaki declared about the jets.

    Okay, so it’s not dead and they’re discussing it? Well, no. Not according to the Pentagon. Again.

    This would be comedy, if it were in any other situation. But it’s not funny when it’s on such a deadly serious topic, where an ill-considered action could trip you into World War III, and when the Biden lefthand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing at any given moment. Frankly, this is embarrassing to our government and our country that the Biden team has this level of public confusion. Especially when we saw how Biden’s prior confusion and weakness may have given Vladimir Putin the belief that now was the time to move on Ukraine to begin with.

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky looked at all this with both desperation and exasperation over this whole situation with the jets, and he had a few words which may have been directed at Biden.

    “Together we must return courage to some Western leaders,” Zelensky said in a Wednesday night address.

    “So that they finally do what they had to do on the first day of the invasion. Either close the Ukrainian sky from Russian missiles and bombs, or give us fighter jets so that we can do everything ourselves,” he fumed.

    His anger is understandable when first, he’s told they’re on the way, and then they’re pulled back. If you think they’re a potential NATO issue, why put all this confusion out there at all — then later wimp out and appear silly — yet again?

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