Was Nancy Pelosi Drunk at Her Latest Presser?


    There’s a lot going on in the world right now. Luckily, the United States is led by the best and brightest among us, not the least of which are House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden. What could possibly go wrong with such mental giants making major decisions for the nation?

    Jokes aside, we are actually led by geriatric dunces who couldn’t successfully manage a McDonald’s restaurant. Given that, it was no surprise when Biden flaunted his senility again on Wednesday. Apparently feeling left out of the conversation, Pelosi then put on a performance that left me wondering if she was drunk.

    I’m not kidding. It was that bad.

    Glad we got that figured out. Until Pelosi enlightened me, I was unaware that subtracting something leads to the subtraction of something. Truly, this is the stuff great leaders are made of.

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    Be sure to watch that last clip. What is she even doing grabbing her hair like that? It’s like she’s got some weird tick she can’t control. And while the surface-level criticisms are easy pickings, the content of her presser wasn’t any better. At one point, while commenting on the Ukraine aid package, she appeared to not even know how much money was involved, stating “Whatever we have right now, the $13B, or whatever.”

    Again, this is the person who controls the nation’s finances, and she can’t even be bothered to know the dollar amount of the bills she supports. Keep in mind that she’s also trying to pass a $1.5 trillion spending bill right now as well, while only giving House members half a day to read the 2,000+ pages. Our elected officials are a complete joke. You wouldn’t tolerate this kind of incompetence from a cashier. Why tolerate it from the Speaker of the House.

    Things got weirder, though. At one point, Pelosi spoke about her call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, treating the situation with none of the seriousness it deserves.

    I’m not really into women’s tennis, so I’m not totally sure who Billie Jean King is, and perhaps I’m missing some tie-in here, but I’m fairly certain Zelensky doesn’t care what she said. The guy is fighting for his life and his country right now. Besides, is that really a topic that Pelosi should be joking about? She had the chance to talk to the leader of Ukraine as he’s fighting the Russians, and the best she could come up with was some tortured feminism plug — as if Zelensky cares about “International Women’s Day?”

    At this point, I’m pretty sure Pelosi being inebriated would be the most acceptable explanation for what transpired at this presser. If she was actually sober, that’s a scary proposition. The United States really needs age limits for elected office. There is no reason for an 81-year-old to be holding such a high position of power. If the boomers keep refusing to let go, the voters need to not give them a choice.

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