Andrew Cuomo Blames Predictable Culprit for His Political Misfortunes


    Why should any Democratic politician take responsibility for their behavior, when they can just blame the consequences of such conduct on cancel culture? This seems to be former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s line of thinking, now that he has had time to reflect on how his political downfall is not his fault.

    While giving remarks at a Brooklyn church, the former governor, who resigned last year after being credibly accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct in the workplace, insisted his ouster was the result of “the cancel culture mentality,” and reiterated that he never meant to be inappropriate with various women. After saying he went through “a difficult period the past few months,” he recounted how after he stepped down, “the press roasted me, my colleagues were ridiculed, my brother was fired, it was ugly” and said, “it was the first time that I was glad that my father wasn’t here so he didn’t have to see it.”

    The Hill reported:

    The former governor also directly addressed the allegations that were made against him by multiple female staffers and said the problem was that his behavior had not changed over 40 years despite a “new sensitivity” among younger generations.

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    Cuomo repeated comments he made as the accusations surfaced against him last year. “No one ever told me I made them feel uncomfortable and I never sensed that I caused any discomfort to anyone, I was trying to do the opposite. But I understand that was my error,” he explained.

    “But the political sharks in Albany smelled blood and exploited the situation for their own political purpose,” he continued.

    The former governor also said “prosecutorial misconduct” played a part in his eventual ouster.

    “With cancel culture, we now live in a frightening new world where any accusation can trigger condemnation without facts, without due process. We are a nation of laws – not a nation of Tweets,” Cuomo argued. “Social media and Twitter spread cancel culture like a virus. They allow the extreme minority to overpower the reasonable majority.”

    Of course, anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature can tell Cuomo’s situation has nothing to do with cancel culture. This is not a situation in which the Cancel Culture Community(TM) scoured his social media to find examples of him making racist or otherwise bigoted comments from 10 years ago. These were credible accusations of sexual impropriety made by a multitude of women who came forward to tell their stories.

    Cuomo’s weak “I’m old-fashioned” defense does not hold water. Most people in his age group, in similar positions, managed to keep themselves from inappropriately kissing and groping females with whom they came into contact. It doesn’t seem difficult to conduct oneself in a way that does not make women feel uncomfortable. The bottom line is that Cuomo likely engaged in this behavior because he never dreamed it would come back to bite him. Unfortunately for Cuomo, he was dead wrong.

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