The Biden Administration Prepares to Unleash Its Secret Weapon on the Ukraine Crisis


    Over the last week, things have become much murkier in Ukraine. Russia continues to push forward with its invasion , despite relatively heavy losses, and the sense of situational awareness that was present in the first few days is gone. Where exactly are the Russian forces? How strong is the Ukrainian resistance, when you aren’t judging it by social media posts? The fog of war is real, and regardless of who is “winning,” the situation has certainly worsened.

    That’s left the Western nations scrambling to respond. Lethal aid is being sent, although it’s an open question how much of it is actually making it into Ukraine given Russia’s air superiority. On the economic front, sanctions have been levied. Are they working? They sure don’t seem to be.

    Things are dire, which means it’s time for the Biden administration to unleash its secret weapon: Kamala Harris.

    The White House is actively discussing sending Vice President Harris to Warsaw, Poland, and Bucharest, Romania, in the coming days to show solidarity with Ukraine as it faces an escalating Russian invasion, sources familiar with the conversations tell The Hill.

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    The discussions involve sending Harris to visit troops stationed in Romania and potentially to the border with Ukraine, where a refugee crisis has seen more than 1 million people flee that country since the Russian attack.

    The trip could happen in the coming weeks, one source said, adding that there is no active dialogue about sending President Biden to the region.

    It’s no shock that there isn’t even any discussion about Joe Biden going. After all, it’s not like there’s a possible world war brewing, and the president has another four-day weekend in Delaware to take.

    Still, to send Kamala Harris seems rather nuts, doesn’t it? Has the White House forgotten how her last trip to Europe went? Recall that because Biden is slipping and obviously can’t travel much abroad, Harris was sent to the Munich Security Conference just days before Russia invaded. While there, she bragged about the “deterrent” that the US threat of sanctions represented, while producing a word salad for the ages. In that same interview where Harris insisted the sanctions were working, she announced that Putin had…already decided to invade Ukraine. The contradiction was just wild to witness.

    And that’s who the fate of U.S. foreign policy is going to be handed to, as Russia slaughters civilians and threatens to invade NATO nations? What could possibly go wrong?

    This is the problem with having do-nothing, career politicians in high positions of power. Harris doesn’t have the capability and experience to be a city councilwoman, but for various reasons, she’s failed up into the vice presidency. Now, with the actual president sundowning half the time, the United States is left with a vapid, cackling mediocrity having to do the heavy lifting. Vladimir Putin has to be laughing out loud at his good fortune.

    Heck, if I were the Polish president, I’d be begging Harris to stay home. The last thing his nation needs is a bumbling, D-student of a politician heading over to “rally the world.” That might result in Russia nuking the place, at the rate things have gone. But hey, as they say, elections have consequences, and this is one of the consequences.

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